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Trump Will Make You Die Alone, Unsexed. So We’ve Got That Going For Us!

How is Donald Trump impacting your p-in-v or your p-in-b or your scissoring TODAY?

Gay-Hatin’ Tenn. Doctor/Lawmaker Only Fucked Married Patient/Cousin *Sometimes*

If you can't keep it in your pants, keep it in the family! (As long as it's in the heterosexual way, otherwise THAT'S GROSS.)
It's not the Bilberberger that'll get you. It's the secret sauce. Which is made of PEOPLE!

Alex Jones Rants About She-Devil Globalist Witch Angelina Jolie, In Better Times

Brangelina is no more. Try some Alexina Jonelie instead.

Donald Trump’s Great Sacrifice Was Dumping His Wives For Younger Women, Says Idiot

PSSHT, and the Khan's wanna talk about their dead hero son?

Surprise! Donald Trump Was A Horrible Garbage Monster To Marla Maples! Who Would Have Thunk It?

Was it to keep her quiet about how he murdered Vince Foster? We are just asking questions here.
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America’s Best Husband Bill O’Reilly Sues Faithless Cheating Monster Of An Ex-Wife

America's top moral scold, Bill O'Reilly, is suing his ex-wife for $10 million, claiming she fraudulently misled the poor heartbroken teevee shouter into signing a separation agreement while she was boinking someone that was not Bill O'Reilly. It's just...

Trump And Gingrich Totally Understand Women, Just Like Beloved Monarch Henry VIII

No one understood women like Henry VIII, that is for sure. Except maybe Ted Bundy!
Strange, we keep finding reasons to use this

Mississippi’s Bill To Allow Divorce For Domestic Violence Accidentally Walks Into The Door

Mississippi came perilously close to entering the 20th Century last week (The 21st? Not even close!) as a conference committee considered a bill that would add domestic violence to the acceptable grounds for divorce in the state. In the...
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Court Says Bill O’Reilly’s Kids Don’t Have To Live With Terrible Monster Bill O’Reilly

We'd forgotten about that time human-shaped ambulatory turd sack Bill O'Reilly lost custody of his kids, for allegedly beating up their mom in front of them. Of course O'Reilly insisted these scandalous accusations were "100% false," and damn the damned dirty...

Matt Drudge Gives Male Roommate Traditional Heterosexual Gift Of Real Estate

DRUDGE SIRENS AND DISCO BALLS AND CHER SINGING "DO YOU BELIEEEEEVE IN LIFE AFTER LOVE?!" There is a News Item in the News, about Matt Drudge, racist copy/paster for the Drudge Report, who says he is a heterosexual, which...
There's still hope for you, Anna.

Anna Duggar Pretty Sure Jesus Will Keep It In Josh’s Pants From Now On

The Duggars are back on television, hooray and hurrah and Christmas is ruined now. Sunday night brought the second installment of "Duggars After Dark: Bonin' On," which in science fact is called "Jill And Jessa: Counting On." And Mrs....
Fights against the gay agenda during divorce filings.

Help, My Husband Is A Homosexual! I Can Have GoFundMe Bigot Bucks Now?

In recent months, aggrieved fundamentalists have turned grifting into an absolute artform. Did a mean homogay come into your flower shop wanting to buy flowers? GoFundMe. Did a terrible nasty lesbian lady ask you, a cake-baker, to bake a...
omg, y'all, I cannot even with this "religious freedom" crap.

Catholic Church Considers Finding Nicer Way To Tell Homos They’re Gonna Burn In Hell

Time for another sexy funtimes sleepover at the pope's house, and all the coolest bishops are invited! Last year, at the Synod, they all had such a good time, making s'mores and friendship bracelets and learning how marrieds sex...

New Mexico Mom Refuses To Pray To God, Court Takes Away Her Kids

There is a war on religious freedom and religious liberty (both kinds!) in US America right now, as we all know. American citizens are being persecuted and criminalized and jailed just for trying to exercise their First Amendment rights. It's...
Now they've even destroyed the sanctity of divorce

Whiny Tennessee Judge Says No More Divorce Because Gays Ruined That Too

GodDANGit, The Gays, why you gotta ruin everything? Now that you have the same legal rights as opposite-gays to get married, fight about whose turn it is to unload the dishwasher, and despise each others' legal and officially state-sanctioned mothers-in-law,...