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Trump Administration Does Literal Least It Can Do To Punish Russia For Spy Poisoning Attack

Expelling Russian spies? Big whoop. Call us when they sanction Putin's ass.

Finally, A Way To Send Donald Trump A Bunch Of Pussy!

At last, a holiday gift Trump will love so much!
Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

President Bernie Sanders Will Force Your Kids To Have Free College

Just when we thought we had reached the zenith of our love for Vermont's proudly socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, and dead serious Democratic presidential candidate, he comes along and proposes legislation to provide free tuition at public colleges and...

Derp Roundup: Special Christmas Edition

Happy Sacred Baby Festival to all you Wonkers! Hope you've had as much festivity as you can handle, and perhaps more.* And now, for some Happy Holiderp: a roundup of seasonal stories that were too stoopid to ignore altogether,...

Serious Scientist Man Explains That Gay Marriage Will Kill You Worser Than Smoking

We received an important press release from Dr. Paul Cameron, who is a Very Important Scientist with a Ph.D. and everything. Somehow, we had never heard of him until he, acting as his own PR flack, emailed our benevolent...

Happiest Nations Have Social Services, Healthy Environment, Good Schools & Health Care (U.S. Not On List)

The happiest nations in the world are almost nothing like the United States, according to the business website 24/7 Wall Street. Does the average person have financial security, government-backed health care, quality education, a healthy natural environment and a...

Problem!: Not EVERYONE In Congress Can Go On Class Trip To Denmark

So many important environmental goings-on are happening, in Denmark! Naturally, everyone in Congress is suddenly interested in climate change legislation now that a field trip to Europe is involved. (This is the entire raison d'etre behind Latin Club, in...

George W. Bush’s Escape To Waco

Wonkette’s Week in Review

Hey — Does Denmark Make Maple Syrup?