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Trump So Sad He Can’t Be Tinpot Dictator Like They Have In North Korea :(

He would LOVE to use the FBI and Justice Department to punish his political enemies but GRRRR STUPID CONSTITUTION AND RULE OF LAW.

Hillary Clinton Casually Suggests Bernie Sanders Not Messiah, Which Is Just Fucking Rude

We still liked that birdie though!

The Top Ten Posts Of 2016 Will Keep You From Crying Your Pants Off On New Year’s Eve!

DRUMROLL PLEASE or whatever people say.

Is The New York Times Actually … SORRY … For Being Bad At Journalism?

In an incredible deep dive into Russian hacking of the 2016 election, the Times sort of seems to acknowledge the media's role in elevating Putin's puppet to the presidency.

This Election Tried To Kill Us, But We Are Not Dead We Don’t Think

We are still standing, and Hillary is standing, and now it's time to WIN A DAMN ELECTION.

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Called Young Voters ‘F*cking Dumb’, Just Kidding No She Didn’t

Wikileaks continues to reveal absolutely nothing important about Hillary Clinton.

TONIGHT! Ready To Watch Hillary Clinton Grind Donald Trump Down Into A Fine Dust?

Everything you never wanted to know about tonight's debate!

Bernie Sanders Set To Become Total Hillary-Endorsing Sell-Out By Next Tuesday

SOURCES SAY Bernie will endorse Hillary at a rally in New Hampshire on Tuesday, hooray!

Bernie Sanders Is Bought-And-Paid-For Corporate Sell-Out Shillary For Hillary Now. (OR IS HE?)

Bernie says he's voting for Hillary! It happened on the television! Or maybe he's not! Who can say!
Check out the Zionist Plot!

Deleted Comments Of The Week: Why Is Wonkette So Full of Zionist Jooooz?

We heard from a reader who was wondering why our coverage of the 2016 presidential race was so completely obsessed with Israel. It's almost as if the obsession wasn't really ours.

Washington D.C. Primary Results Will Change EVERYTHING, You’ll See

This thread is open, like your nana.

Elizabeth Warren Endorses Hillary, Because They’re Both Corporate Sell-Out Monsters. Obviously.

And now everything is hunky dory and people are being SO NICE to Sen. Warren, obviously.

Hillary Clinton History Woman Preznit US America, Bernie Sanders GRRRR ARGH

If he were Hillary, we would wonder if he were on the rag.

Congratulations, America! Our Long National Nightmare Of Presidential Primaries Is Almost Over!

OH HEY, all you late-night political watchers, are you so 'scited about the results from today's US American primaries? We are too! Now, we know the Associated Press done already SPOILER ALERTED us, by calling the race Monday night when...