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It’s ‘Special Rights’ When Gay People Want Cake, But Airplane Discount For NRA Is GOD-FUCKING-GIVEN

Georgia simply won't stand for a pipsqueak airline's bowing to liberal pressure. So it'll apply some rightwing pressure instead.

Los Angeles Times Owners Try To Bust New Union In Stupid, Pathetic, Total TRONC Way

Wow, are union-busters going downhill. Maybe they should hire a union guy to help!

Russians? What Russians? No Russians Here! Wonkagenda for Mon., July 17, 2017

Jay Sekulow embarasses himself on national television (again), TrumpCare stalls (again), and Ann Coulter gets told to sit down and shut up. Your morning news brief!

Your Weekly Top Ten Found ALL THE VOTER FRAUD!

Come read your top ten stories and get all your NASTY WOMAN gear!
Dirka dirka jihad Muhammad jihad!

Southwest Airlines Keeping Skies Safe For Scaredypants Jackasses

Southwest Airlines made a strong bid for an Equine Posterior Award recently by kicking a UC Berkeley student off the plane for having the temerity to speak Arabic in the Post 9/11 World (aka Pantsloadland). The Washington Post reports Khairuldeen...

Nice Time! Ellen DeGeneres Tells Mississippi Where To Ram Its New Gay-Hatin’ Law

Ellen DeGeneres is America's Sweetheart for a reason. She isĀ also a lot of the reason the gay agenda has been crammed so tightly into our nation's throat, because who does not love Ellen The Lesbian Funny Gal? People who...