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Would Someone Please Tell Donald Trump Why We’ve Been In Afghanistan For 17 Years?

Did you know the Russians were there, too? Wonder how that went.

Ann Coulter And Sarah Palin Feeling BETRAYED! By Sexxxy Boyfriend Donald Trump

Did Donald Trump use idiots like Coulter and Palin just to attain power, and really doesn't actually care about them? MAYBE POSSIBLY!

Mike Huckabee’s Shriveled Manhood Threatened By Gay Homosexual Army Secretary

Oh, poor Mike Huckabee! It seems that not a day goes by when he doesn't wake up to some new terrible gay homosexual Muslim threat to his "religious liberty" or his failing manhood. Sometimes it's how Syrian refugees are...
Finally legal

Boy Scouts Gay Now, Mormons’ Magic Underpanties All In A Wad

Hurray, the Boy Scouts of America have finally ended years of bigotry -- sort of -- by lifting the ban on gay adult scout leaders. We say "sort of" because individual church-led chapters still have the authority to decide...

Critic of Obama’s New War Robert Gates About To Be Out of a Job

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has been a little, uh, unenthusiastic (to put it in non-treasonous terms) about President Obama's new war venture in North Africa, as we noted yesterday. How often does the civilian leader of our nation's military...

General Petraeus To Betray Us In Afghanistan, Do Something Else

According to the London Times, David Petraeus is going to leave his command in Afghanistan by the end of the year. Then the Pentagon said that wasn't going to happen. And then some more speculation happened. One possibility is to...

Sad Old John McCain Trying To Get Friend Joe Lieberman Job With Obama

Oh for Christ's sake: "Sen. John McCain, R-AZ, tells CNN he believes his good friend Joe Lieberman would make a good defense secretary for President Obama, calling him 'one of the most informed members of the Senate on national...