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Sadly, the prisoners today tend not to be Gentlemen like Mr. Pickwick

Slumlord Jared Kushner’s Company Making America Dickensian Again, Now With Debtors’ Prison!

Jared Kushner isn't the only scummy slumlord who uses this tactic. But he's the only one with a White House job.
am i preznit yet?

Debtor Scott Walker Poised To Let Collectors Loose On Debtors Who Aren’t Scott Walker

Scott Walker, where ya been?! Making Wisconsin Great Again by stealing elections? Watching election returns in sweat pants covered with bratwurst juice? Maybe a little from column A and a little from column B? Well snap out of it, man!...
too bad so sad america

Genius Proposal Would Replace Hated IRS With Beloved Private Debt Collectors

In July, before rewarding themselves with more vacation days than you'll get over the next decade, the United States Senate actually addressed a real issue facing the nation. The esteemed legislative body passed a transportation bill in hopes that a bridge won't...