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Be An Orange, Not A Whorange!

We are so confused!

Basket Of Deplorables Also Basket Of Unfuckables, According To Science

If the worst side effect of this administration, for you, is that you are having trouble getting a date -- you're miles ahead of the rest of us.

Idiot: Trump Won Because Liberals Chicks Won’t Bone Down With Jerk Republican Men

It is really hard to not see this whole thing as a very public beg for liberal women to fuck Jerrod Laber.

Manic Pixie Asshat Ends Piano Campaign To Win Back Girlfriend, Is Sorry You All Hate Romance

Because women made fun of him, and also because he got punched in the head.

Trump Will Make You Die Alone, Unsexed. So We’ve Got That Going For Us!

How is Donald Trump impacting your p-in-v or your p-in-b or your scissoring TODAY?

Hot New Dating Site Helps Gun Humpers Hump Other Gun Humpers

Gun lovers! Do you love the idea of a romantic first date at a coffee shop, but fear that the ladies you meet on Tinder may be put off when you show up with a ginormous assault rifle strapped...
Lance Sanderson, with gay stripes all over him.

Catholic School Sends Gay Boy Home For A Week To Think About How Gay He’s Been

Remember that kid from Memphis, Gay Lance Something-Or-Other? If you don't, NO, he did not build a clock, that boy was a Muslim, not a gay! Lance Sanderson is a senior at a Catholic boys' school called Christian Brothers,...

Minnesota State House Candidate Presents A Prairie Home Slut-Shaming Companion

We have a new front-runner in the race to fill Michele Bachmann's sizable Minnesotan clown shoes. Meet Sheila Kihne, a small-government conservative who also has "a passion for telling other people what to do." She's running for state rep.,...

WND Finds Duggar Daughters’ Secret Of Happy Families. Spoiler: It’s Jesus

Watch, if you can, this video of 21% of the Duggar children as they explain the secret to successful family life, especially how to do dating, or as these gals call it, "courtship," because only sluts "date." It's "dating...

Website That Obviously Exists Does Exist

*Cracks knuckles* TIME FOR THE POST OF THE CENTU-- eh, nevermind, too mean. Just thought you all should be aware that the Proverbial Website has been discovered. Right now it's mostly just a few... dudes... but down the road,...

Aren’t All Blind Dates Kind of Crazy?

If watching your 401(k) melt into bits of string and space trash has only whetted your appetite for MORE risk, we would like to introduce you to CrazyBlindDate.com. This online sensation differs from other dating websites in that it...

Hot Internet Web Site For Obamatards Looking For Love

It's no Hillary Clinton Supporters for John McCain, but this site is still what one Project Runway contestant might call a HOT TRANNY MESS. From the misspelled headline to the two alluring singles named "test" and "test2," it has...