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Seriously, we literally never watch you pee

Anchorage, Alaska, Voters Tell Bathroom Panty Sniffers To FUCK OFF

Alaska Bible-thumpers losing the Culture Wars. Oh. How sad.

GOP Hopes You Won’t Notice Budget Fuckery. Wonkagenda For Tues., Dec. 5, 2017

Republicans try to kick the can down the road (again), Robert Mueller cranks Trump-Russia up to 11, and the FCC is engaging in some serious fuckery with net neutrality. Your morning news brief.

House Republicans Will Never Stop Taking Down Cop Painting That Hurts Their Feelings

Grab your Culture Guns, folks. We've got a war over a painting going on in Congress.

Breitbart Commenter Watch: Is This ‘Ms. Veteran America’ Pageant Terrible Or Merely The Worst?

So we know all true patriots love the Vets, and the Troops. But the folks at Dead Breitbart's House of Free-Floating White Male Rage aren't quite sure what to do with a remarkably anodyne rewrite of a CBS News...

Trump Idiot At Chili’s Makes America Great Again All Over Black Veteran

A new problem to worry about: Trump-inspired restaurant vigilantes.
Scootaloo is a skateboard punk rocker. Let's hope she ends up saner than Michelle Shocked.

Deleted Comments: Stop Lying About Donald Trump By Quoting Him

Time to hose out the Deleted Comments queue again, and this week, we start with an insight from a Donald Trump supporter who is delighted that Donald Trump tells it like it is, except when he's deliberately being vague...
Sure thing, Special Agent Zoolander.

Deleted Comments Of The Week: Glee At Americans Being Murdered! By Muslims! Wow!

It was a crazy week, so of course plenty of the crazy spilled into the comments sections of our coverage of the San Bernardino shootings. Some people genuinely didn't get what we were trying to do, which was to...
Newsweek's gift to posterity

Deleted Comments: Like Your Master Obama, Wonkette Wants To Destroy America

So here's one heck of a surprise: Most of our deleted comments this week are about the Paris terrorist attacks, and the subsequent mass pants-soiling by Republican governors, Republican presidential candidates, and the truly rank Republican rank & file...
Don't make Muscle Jesus angry. You wouldn't like Him when He's angry.

Deleted Comments: You Can’t Be A Liberal And A Christian, Duh

Once in a while we'll get an influx of angry new commenters who are very, VERY unhappy with something we've published, but we have no idea how they found the piece to be outraged by in the first place....

Utah Judge Won’t Let Loving Lesbians Get Their Gay All Over Foster Kid

Time for another episode of "Wingnuts think they know what's best for kids, probably shouldn't be allowed anywhere near kids." This time it's a Utah judge responsible for deciding whether parents are fit to adopt kids. His name is...
Time to put that sucker out

Sad Confederates Demand Right To March In Enemy Nation’s Veterans Day Parade

Some idiot Confederate flag-humpers are feeling very, very oppressed after being denied a place in the Veterans Day parade in Tulsa, Oklahoma. So they've filed a discrimination complaint against the city for hurting their fee-fees. The group, which calls itself "Confederate Veterans...
It's almost as if they were a business, not a church.

Starbucks First Corporation To Murder Christmas This Year

After a few early rumblings back in August, it's finally that most beloved time of the year, War On Christmas season! And the Most Offensive Thing in the World right now is Starbucks' red and green coffee cups. Obviously....
Hi Kim Davis, bye Kim Davis!

Vatican Issues Clarification: Kim Davis Sucks And We Hate Her

What a whirlwind of emotions we have been feeling over Kim Davis's alleged sexxxytime religious freedom Tinder date with the pope! When the news first came out, we were like "NO WAY, the pope is not that much of...
Just lie back and think of gerrymandering

Erick Erickson: Fertile Latinos Will Breed Permanent GOP Majority, Strong Like Bull

Oh, sure, you liberals may be feeling pretty chuffed with how well 2015 has been going for you, what with your Obamacare surviving and your Supreme Court Victory for Sodom, and your beloved Barry Bamz just having a fine...
She seems nice

First And Second Amendments In Battle To Death As A**holes Shoot Up Texan Anti-Islam Event

A bunch of anti-Muslim extremists in Texas were attacked by a couple of Muslim extremists yesterday, proving that America needs to take much more extreme measures to protect itself from Muslim extremists. In the Dallas suburb of Garland, Texas,...