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Nice Women’s Health Clinic You Got Here, Shame What They’re About To Do To It

Diminishing access to contraception is a feature, not a bug.

Trump Mindlessly Threatens WWIII (AGAIN). Wonkagenda For Fri., Oct. 6, 2017

Trump personally fucking with ACA, John Kelly got hacked, and you'll never guess that Breitbart's all-Nazi and Buzzfeed has the goods! Your morning news brief!

Trump Will Reportedly Fuck The Gays For Jesus On Thursday

Wait, but we thought Trump LOVED the gays!

Obama Saves Planned Parenthood From Trump’s Grabby Hands! (At Least For A Minute!)

If Trump wants to kill Planned Parenthood, he's going to have to TRY HARDER.
Professional cum-sock.

We Are Beginning To Think Texas Really Hates Transgender People

Look, a lawsuit to give religious wingnut doctors freedom to deny medical care to transgender folk, hooray!
There's no war on women. Maybe some casualties, but no war.

Texas Defunding Of Planned Parenthood Improving Women’s Health By Killing Them

After massive cuts to women's clinics aimed at putting Planned Parenthood out of business, Texas now has the highest maternal death rate in the developed world. Yay! Still better than Sudan!
He seems nice

Minnesota GOP Congressional Nominee Has Fun, Creative Views On Women, Slavery, Everything

Meet Minnseota's brand new rightwing GOP nominee for Congress. He has the potential to out-Bachmann Michelle Bachmann, but comes from a swing district, thankfully.

New Hampshire’s Kelly Ayotte And Maggie Hassan Gonna Lady-Fight For Senate Seat

Happy Easter, Wonkers! We hope you have all been inspired by the annual rites celebrating the rebirth of pagan fertility gods as distilled through Christian cultural hegemony. Or that you'll at least chow down on half-priced chocolate bunnies tomorrow....

Florida Men Tell Ladies To Get Their Hoo-Has Checked At The Dentist

Well, isn't this a neat new trend that's spreading like herpes in a frat house at a state school, only not nearly as fun? A bill passed in the Florida legislature this week would effectively defund Planned Parenthood and other reproductive...
Needs more glowing blue eyes and speaking in ALL CAPS

Christian ‘Insurance’ Helps Members Love On Others, Avoid Demonic Obamacare

Christians who can't stand Barack Obama's socialist government takeover of healthcare have been rushing to buy into "health care sharing ministries," which give them an affordable alternative to actually having insurance, as long as they don't mind not having...

Hobby Lobby CEO Says Marco Rubio’s Huge Penis Much Classier Than Trump’s Little Nub

REPUBLICAN PRIMARY OVER, EVERYONE. Hobby Lobby CEO and Jesus-loving abortion hater David Green has issued a proclamation from upon high about which Republican candidate he loves the mostest, and surprise, it's Not Donald Trump: Two days ahead of his state's...

Deleted Comments: Why Should We Believe Lying Sluts Or The FBI?

Quite a strange selection of strangeness from the old Deleted Comments queue this week, from a "skeptic" who thinks maybe LaVoy Finicum was gunned down for no reason at all, to a guy who knows that women can only...

Ted Cruz Hasn’t Sticked 17 Kids In His Wife’s Babyhole So Stop Whining, Hillary

You probably don't want to think about how Ted Cruz does the nasty to his wife. You probably don't want to think about Ted Cruz at all, really. But too bad for you. It's his turn to enjoy his moment in the...

Missouri Lawmaker Says Muslims Want To Abort Him, For Hating Planned Parenthood

Laughing at ridiculous state legislators, for their ridiculous ideas, is all fun and games, until someone threatens to kill them dead. And then it's like, "Hey, don't do that. That's rude!" Missouri state Sen. Kurt Schaefer is trying to stop a...
Academic Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose. Fine, it's two.

Missouri Lawmaker Don’t Want No Smart Kids Studyin’ Up On Abortion, No Siree

You at least have to give Missouri state Sen. Kurt Schaefer (R-Did We Even Need To Say?) credit for thoroughness and creativity in his efforts to clamp down on all those women who insist on having abortions even though...
Cry all you want, still gonna call you A Idiot.

Bristol, You Ignorant Slut: Once Again You’ve Missed The Point Entirely

Oh dear. It seems the gatekeepers of True Feminism -- you know, the lady conservatives who want to regulate other ladies' vag holes and keep other ladies' paychecks at a low discounted-because-lady rate -- are on to us. In a recent post in which...