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Nancy Pelosi And Chuck Schumer Just Cock-Slapped Trump, AND HE LIKED IT

Oh Boy, Nancy Pelosi And Chuck Schumer Sure Do Suck At Their Jobs!

Jimmy Kimmel: Babies Shouldn’t Die. Wingnuts: We Are Fucking Monsters, So They Should

Jimmy Kimmel's baby is lucky. His heart defect is only physical.

Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks Would Rather Not Pay For Your Slut Cancer!

If we can't use health insurance to punish people, what's the point of having insurance at all?

House Electrocutes TrumpCare The 13th, Stabs It In Face, Drowns It. FOR NOW.

Rs will keep at this as long as they hold the House, even if it looks like The Final Chapter.
Sure it's poison. But think of the savings!

Paul Ryan Voice Of Reason On Shutting Down Government This One Time

Flint, Michigan's poisoned water system may be replaced before the heat death of the universe.

How Paul Ryan Failed As House Speaker In Record Time: A Wonksplainer

Paul Ryan gained the Speaker’s Gavel after everyone and their mother determined that he was THE ONLY ONE who could save the GOP from disastrous dumbassery after Crybaby McDrunkerson decided to peace out. While Ryan demurred like a coy...

Americans Already Mad As Hell Over Republican Government Shutdown

So, because Republicans are lazy as fuck and stupid as hell, they are always looking for ways to not do their jobs. See, for example, newly minted Republican Kim Davis, the moronic martyr of Rowan County, Kentucky, who is...
Wrong Kirk? Whatever.

Even GOP Senators Are Sick Of House Wingnuts’ Bullsh*t

Illinois Senator Mark Kirk has a wee bit of advice to his party, especially those fellows over in the House. After the Senate passed a clean bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security for the rest of the...
Dirty mouth!

John Boehner: Kiss Your Homeland Security Goodbye, America

It's Friday, and you know what that means: knocking off early, going to happy hour, and the federal government partially shutting down a major cabinet department because Republicans are mad at Obama and really want to teach him a...
We'd pay good American money to watch this debate

Lindsey Graham Yells At Elizabeth Warren In Preview Of Alternate Universe Presidential Debate

So over the weekend, the Senate miraculously avoided shutting down the entire government by passing that "Cromnibus" budget bill, hooray! The bill included all kinds of special favors to special interests, including a very special little gift for giant...
Someday the Killing of ACORN will become an actual religious ritual

ACORN Still Dead, Republicans Still Trying To Kill It Some More In New Budget Bill

So we have a Keep-the-Government-Running agreement on the way, hooray, and among all the fun stuff like keeping the lights on, paying to fight Ebola, and cutting the IRS budget just for the sheer dickishness of it, there's...
Rachel Maddow channels the Church Lady

Morning Maddow: Why Are Conservatives Sending John Boehner Their Balls? (Video)

About five years back, conservatives were really excited about mailing tea bags to members of Congress, to send an important message about tea, and liberty, and resisting tyranny. It was a Huge Success! And while no other campaign to...

Our Long National Nightmare Put Off A Few Months As Debt Ceiling Raised, Government Funded

On this momentous occasion of the worst possible thing not happening, let's not concern ourselves overmuch with winners (Democrats, America) and losers (the Tea Party, rank idiocy). Instead, let's celebrate. Government by extortion has been rejected. A global financial...

Ted Cruz Declares Victory Over Obamacare, Gives Up

In a press conference that just happened to take place as Majority Leader Mitch McConnell addressed the Senate, Poutine-American Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Alberta) announced that he would not try to delay a Senate vote on a proposed deal to...

Fox News Takes Credit For Making Americans Less Likely To Blame Republicans, Yay!

Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum took a moment Wednesday to give Rupert Murdoch's propaganda outlet a little pat on her own back for the awesome job she and her network have been doing in shaping public perceptions: Thanks to...