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Princess Sunbutt Will Rise Again!

Deleted Comments: Yankees Too Dumb To Know They Stoled Old Glory From The Confederate Flag!

It's hard to keep a proud neo-Confederate down -- or out of the comments on an article from two years ago.
Oh look! It's intertextual!

2015: The Year We Drove Old Dixie Down

Among the actual victories this year for Non-JerkholeĀ Americans was one we'd been waiting a long time for: we finally -- FINALLY -- wounded the myth of the benevolent Confederacy. And it only took the murder of nine African-Americans, in...
This is not an actual Texas schoolbook. This illustration has been chosen for its humorous hyperbole. Please complain on Facebook about this illustration.

New Texas Textbooks Love The Confederacy (And Their Sisters) So Much

Hey, just in time for the post-4th-of-July reminders that school starts up again far too soon, comes this Washington Post story about the brand new history books that will be hitting Texas classrooms in the fall. As we've noted...