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Tim Allen And Adam Carolla To Produce Searing Documentary About Their Own Irrelevance In Modern America

It is a sad and tragic tale about how unfair it is that college students don't think they're funny anymore.

You Broke My Heart, Franken

Pretending to grab a woman's breasts as she sleeps? That's not OKAY.

Victoria Jackson Thinks Julia Louis-Dreyfus Should Stop Being JUST LIKE HITLER

She also claims her politics, and not her dearth of talent, is what's keeping her from having her own Netflix series.

A Shattered Trump Issues A Desperate Plea For Political Correctness In Comedy

Oh no, Donald Trump is OFFENDED!

Worst Dressed At The Emmys: The Podium Wearing Sean Spicer

Sean Spicer doesn't get to do self-deprecating comedy now.

Mike Huckabee Just Figures Kim Jong Un Hates Black Ladies Same Way He Does

When it comes to comedy, Mike Huckabee is definitely a former governor of Arkansas.

Al Franken’s Senate Memoir Has Buttload Of Gravitas

You should buy this book. That's the tl;dr version.

Dinesh D’Souza Makes Up Science In His Powerful Brain

Maybe he'd understand social constructs better if he read Foucault's 'Discipline and Punish.' Maybe not. Also it is your OPEN THREAD.
This child can't stand Maureen Dowd either

Wonkagenda: Wednesday, September 7, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!
Ask your parents

Reader Challenge: What Rhymes With ‘Bag Of Salted Rat Dicks’?

A German TV comic faces prison in Germany after insulting Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan on the air with a satirical poem that speculated about Erdoğan's love of sex with ungulates, among other things. Jan Böhmermann hosts "Neo Magazin" (kind of a "Daily Show" type deal,...

Fine, Here Is Your Bernie Sanders On SNL Already. Are You People Happy Now?

As everyone knows, there are two objectives for any political candidate appearing on Saturday Night Live: Get your face on SNL, and do it without embarrassing yourself too badly. And don't even try to match the performance of Jesse...
We'll give him this: Mike has impeccable taste in hats.

Calling Someone An Anti-Vaxxer Just Like Racism And Gay-Bashing, Says Professionally Stupid Man

A Texas new-age gun fetishist says that the term "anti-vaxxer" is a slur and compares it to calling black people the N-word and gay people the F-word. Fucking white people, man. Mike Adams is the proprietor of Natural News, the...

Hey, Remember When Tucker Carlson Beat Up That Gay Dude In The Bathroom?

This piece has been UPDATED, because this is a post about Tucker Carlson being creepy about transgender people in bathrooms, and we are smacking ourselves on the face and on the bottom, because we forgot to talk about that...
Dana Loesch, America's greatest living satirist

Dana Loesch Has Very Clever, Satirical Humor Thoughts About Dumb Ay-rabs

Move over, Mark Twain, because there's a new master of English-language political satire, and it is bespectacled she-troll Dana Loesch! It has been a while since Loesch graced us with her signature brand of satire. Thankfully, she is here...
But doesn't he always look like that?

Chuck Todd Of All People Worries Comedy Has Dumbed Down Politics

Despite a crappy straw-man premise, Meet the Press aired a fairly decent discussion of the role of comedy in political discussion Sunday, mostly thanks to a panel that included comedians and writers Lewis Black, Laura Krafft, and W. Kamau...
Never get out of the sandcrawler. Goddamn right!

Jedi Activists Fight Street Mind-Tricks With Inspiring Video

Oh, sure, it's been a little while since the "10 Hours of a Woman Walking in NYC" video was Quite The Big Deal, but it's never too late for a really good parody. And here is an admirable one:...