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One Year Later. Wonkagenda For Wed., May 16, 2018

Michael Cohen's got a BIG problem, it's military warehouses for kids at the border, and the #Vagenda claims another big victory. Your morning news brief.

Mike Pence’s Mysterious Brother Wants To Play Politics

The Pences are erecting a political dynasty with a lot of corporate cash.

Richard Mellon Scaife Dies, Gets Chance To Compare Notes With Vince Foster

Richard Mellon Scaife, the guy who made a career of inheriting billions from his banking and oil industry forebears and then blowing it on hating the Clintons in the 1990s, died Friday of cancer. Scaife was a central contributor...

RINOS At Newsmax Starting Cable Channel To Attack Fox From Middle, With This One Weird Trick

Our good friends at Newsmax -- please click their linkies on the right side of your screen, to give Yr Wonket moneez -- are going to be starting up an exciting and important cable teevee channel in June that...
No, no... I really don't think Hillary's a lesbian. I mean, I'd know, right?

Wingnut Can’t Wait For 2016 To Tell Everyone What A Lezzie Slut Hillary Is, And Bill Is Not Even Chelsea’s Dad Either

Some days the Wonkette tipline brings in an abundance of pure batshit craziness, but seldom does quite such a large helping of it arrive in a single dose like the incredibly long email we received over the weekend from...