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Alt-White Dipwad Richard Spencer Leads Candlelight Vigil For Confederates’ Hurt Feelings

'Alt-right' wingnuts had a hunka-hunka burnin' love for a Robert E. Lee statue in Virginia. Their ardor was soon extinguished.

Let’s Go To The Tape! Wonkagenda for May 15, 2017

Why does Trump tape himself, the alt-right rallies (for 10 minutes), and will Spicey get "You're Fired?" Your morning news brief!

Visit Virginia Before It’s Too Late

Now that Bob McDonnell is governor of Virginia, who knows what's in store for blacks and women?!?! So, before the new leadership goes and names more streets after its Civil War heroes, you should visit it on a...

More Pictures From Wonkette’s Exciting Excuse To Make Ken Post ‘News Items’ By Himself For Two Days!

For dinner last night on our Wonkette Travel Journalism Tour through Virginia, we went to the best Italian restaurant in the South! Unfortunately Arlen Specter had shown up earlier to vomit all over the floor, earlier. But that made...