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John Conyers, You Fucking Jerk

Another day, another gross story.

Trump To Practice Presidential Pardons. Wonkagenda For Tues., Nov. 21, 2017

Is Robert Mueller about to flip a guy? What will Trump and Putin talk about this time? And Trump gets practice in presidential pardons. Your morning news brief.

The 58 Stupidest Cucking Things Steve Bannon Said On ’60 Minutes’

Does '60 Minutes' always interview people who had to go back to their high school jobs because they failed in the Big Boy World?

Irma Gives Trump A Sad. Wonkagenda For Mon., Sept. 11, 2017

Devin Nunes is trying to hide the pee pee tape, the Tea Party doesn't want to help hurricane victims, and George Clooney HATES Steve Bannon. Your morning news brief.

Trump’s Lying Campaign Manager Knows Who Was For Iraq War, And It Was Barack Obama

Is there NOTHING the Trump campaign won't lie about?
Chopped liver, apparently.

Megyn Kelly Would Like To Wherever-Bleed All Over Donald Trump Some More, Please

You know that thing about how Megyn Kelly is sometimes a common Fox News shill, but other times she actually does journalism sorta kinda, therefore we don't quite hate her as much as we hate all the other Fox News...

RFK Junior: The Truth Is Out There

Your editrix, in her previous life as editrix of some other dumb thing, was interviewing Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi once about his very smart and interesting book where he attempted to establish standing to prosecute Jorge Boosh and Dick...

One Third of Registered Voters Do Not Know How Horrible Mitt Romney Is

Well look who is the luckiest bastard on earth: apparently one third of Americans do not have an opinion of Mitt Romney for some reason, which CBS has characterized as a “challenge.” Your Wonkette, on the other hand, feels...

Jeb Bush, Liberated By His Own Irrelevance, Says GOP Is ‘Short-Sighted’

Remember a very long time ago, during a Republican presidential debate last August (oh my god, TIME), when one of those moderator fellows asked the candidates whether they would reject a debt deal that required 10 dollars in spending...

John McCain: How Funny It Would Be If Someone Picked Sarah Palin For Vice President?

Ol' Walnuts was on television again this morning, just sort of fucking around with Charlie Rose et al., cracking jokes, you know how it is with these people. Hey, Johnny Baby, who d'you think should get that VP slot,...

Liveblogging the ‘Oh Let’s Pretend We Like Herman Cain’ GOP Debate

Hello, and welcome to Hades. It's time for another "there's actually a GOP debate every week forever" edition of Tonight's GOP Debate. Who Will Win? Maybe Michele Bachmann will revive her lagging campaign by making the "Cakes of Light"...

Karl Rove: Mistakes Were Made

High On Life