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Tim Allen, Richard Spencer, And Nazis In The News! (No, Not Steve Bannon. This Time.)

Some people need to study up a bit. It's your OPEN THREAD

Rep. Steve King Being A Nazi Out Loud Again

Want to really improve Our Culture? Vote out bigots like Steve King.

Big Bad Harley Davidson Bikers SO SCARED Of Protesters, Won’t Let Trump Look At Their Hogs

Poor Donald Trump has been given the brushoff by a big burly motorcycle factory, because it doesn't want its name associated with him.

Only Fun Nice Posts For Your Post-Election Weekly Top Ten!

How you gonna soothe your battered heart today? HOW ABOUT SOME BABY PICTURES?
The one on the left looks awful familiar for some reason

Oh Hey Rand Paul Is Still Running For A Thing. Remember Him? Your Senate Sunday!

Kentucky may be having one historic Senate election, but nobody's paying much attention. Let's fix that!
Eew, gross

Hillary Clinton Touts Endorsement By Terrible Human John Negroponte. Don’t Tout That, Hillary!

Hillary Clinton is proud of an endorsement she really should have said "no thanks" to. And now we must sigh heavily.
If you immediately knew it was a Checker Marathon airport limo you may be a nerd

Who’ll Be Piling Out Of The Clown Car At The Republican Convention? Not Sarah Palin, Somehow!

Let's run down the list of speakers at the 2016 Republican National Convention, before they can run US down.
Trump hats: 2017's top garage sale item

Donald Trump Would Like Some Money, Please. For Hats.

Donald Trump's campaign is in complete disarray. But...what if it isn't?
Hi Kim Davis, bye Kim Davis!

Vatican Issues Clarification: Kim Davis Sucks And We Hate Her

What a whirlwind of emotions we have been feeling over Kim Davis's alleged sexxxytime religious freedom Tinder date with the pope! When the news first came out, we were like "NO WAY, the pope is not that much of...
Funny strange, not funny ha ha

Rand Paul Can Fix Racism With Tax Cuts And More Republicans

Rand Paul continued his mavericky streak of being the only Republican who wants to reach out to black voters -- or at least wave his hand in their general direction -- with a speech Tuesday to Republicans in Baltimore,...
Just being a good Christian

Your 2014 Legislative Sh*tmuffin (National Division): Oh Right It’s Ted Cruz For A Change

2014 was the year when Senator Ted Cruz (R-Alberta) officially renounced his Canadian citizenship and became a true American. It was also the year when Cruz made his first successful title defense of Wonkette's coveted Legislative Shitmuffin of the...
Joni Ernst abides.

Why Does Charlie Pierce Insist On Making Joni Ernst Look Stupid By Making Her Talk?

Barack Obama: Is he apathetic or the world’s most insidious dictator? Black or white? Floor wax or dessert topping? Senate candidate and prominent hog de-baller Joni Ernst of Iowa isn’t sure. On the one hand he is cramming Obamacare,...
Hi, Charlie! We love you, Charlie!

Charlie P. Pierce, Esq., Misses The George Will Who Didn’t Suck

Conservative intellectual thought leader George Will made an ass of himself on Fox News Sunday this week, claiming "Some doctors say Ebola can be transmitted through the air by 'a sneeze or some cough.'" The alleged source of that...
If he's not going to use a pic of himself in uniform, neither will we

Look At This Fake ‘War Hero’ … Oh. Wait.

From Charlie Pierce, the feel-good political story of the day: There's this Democrat guy running for the 6th Congressional district in Massachusetts, Seth Moulton, who made it onto the radar of Boston Globe reporter Walter Robinson because while Moulton...

Mike Lee’s Tea Party SOTU Response Explains How Government Created Inequality With Taxes, Abortions

By all reasonable measures, Utah Sen. Mike Lee's response to the State of the Union address was a huge success: He knew where the camera was, he didn't go lunging off to the side to grab a water bottle,...

Hey How Is It Going In Our Quest To Buy An Entire Person? An Update!

Last week or something, we asked you, the faithful Wonkvillein, to help us buy an entire person in the form and shape of Doktor Zoom. And many of you immediately started sending us money -- so much and so...