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Princess Sunbutt Will Rise Again!

Deleted Comments: Yankees Too Dumb To Know They Stoled Old Glory From The Confederate Flag!

It's hard to keep a proud neo-Confederate down -- or out of the comments on an article from two years ago.

Tucker Carlson Promoted At Fox News For Being World’s Worst Human

Failing upward, that is what this is called.
Just a racist, his gun, his flag, and his spring planting project

White-Power Charleston Church Murderer Convicted, Wonder Where He Got ‘Self-Radicalized’?

Dylann Roof was a 'lone wolf' racist murderer, and he certainly didn't come from an online pack of like-minded rabid dogs.
They named it after a scary movie and everything

Christians Oppressed Again: School Won’t Let Them Do Gay Nightclub Shooting Haunted House

Chicago's school district cancelled a 'Christian' haunted house simply because it was tasteless and exploitative. Talk about missing the point.
Is it November 9 yet?

Let’s Pretend To Care About Kansas And South Carolina! Your Senate Sunday Reaches Its End

Let's see what's doing in some red states, to round out our look at all 34 Senate races this year.

Deleted Comments Of The Week: You Sheeple Represent What Is Sad About America

We heard from the Usual Gang of Idiots this week, but sadly, not a one of them is smart enough to work for MAD magazine.
Not nearly as stupid as everything he says

Ted Cruz Chooses Perfect Day To Be A Dick To Jimmy Carter

Sen. Ted Cruz, displaying the warmth and basic decency that have made him a legend among near-human beings, chose the day after former President Jimmy Carter announced that he has brain cancer to natter on about how terrible a...
Sadly just a photoshop job

Nancy Pelosi Sticks Confederate Flag In Republicans’ Eyeholes, Chaos Ensues

The fight over the Confederate Flag in the U.S. House of Representatives got weird Thursday, complete with shouting, bills being pulled off the floor, and, most terrifying of all, open and flagrant deployment of parliamentary procedure. The fuck-tussle was...
Let's talk about slavery, Heather.

Idiot Wingnut Chick: America’s Not Racist, Except For Obama

Here America is, all fired up for yet another solemn Conversation On Race, when we don't even need to be doing that in the first place, since racism is over. The Charleston shooting was an Isolated Incident, because while individual racists...

Dr. King’s Most Embarrassing Niece Knows Charleston Shooting Happened Because Abortion

White dude walks into a black church, shoots and kills nine congregants, the Department of Justice calls it a hate crime -- but you know what's really behind this tragedy? Let's check in with "pro-life" conservative activist and Fox...
Never Forget

Rick Santorum Worried Gays Won’t Let America Pray For Charleston Shooting Victims

Rick Santorum joined the chorus of wingnuts commenting Thursday on the senseless murders in Charleston, on the Joe Piscopo radio show, which is apparently a thing. Being Rick Santorum, he started out OK, but then suddenly stepped in a puddle of wingnut...