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Oh, Jeff Sessions Met With Russian Ambassador During Campaign, Then Lied? Is That A Big Deal?

Got popcorn? You're going to want popcorn.
Worst. Jedi Mind Tricks. Ever.

President Bannon Promises To ‘Deconstruct’ America At CPAC. U-S-A! U-S-A!

President Steve Bannon seems to think he's some kind of French literary theorist, apparently.

Ukraine Is PISSED Y’ALL About Trump Pals’ Freelance Diplomacy They Deny Having Done

Some countries really don't like it when Russia messes around in their affairs. Donald Trump's U.S.A. is so far not one of them.

Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Has No Idea If He Did The Thing He Says He Did, Russia Who What Now?

You thought the Sweden story was weird? Get a load of this one.

Kinder, Gentler, Definitely Sane Trump Holds Press Conference To Tell Press To Fuck Right Off

Donald Trump had a press conference, and it was definitely a thing.

Iraqi Jerks Will Cut Off Your Clitoris, For Whatever The Islamic Version Of Jesus Is

#451607616 / gettyimages.com You may have noticed that, apart from the supremely idiotic thoughts of the people who got America into Iraq in the first place, we haven't been covering the terrible situation in that country much, because there is...
It's Spanish for "without subsidy"

Jon Stewart Can’t Believe How Obamacare Got Blown, Right In The Ear (Video)

The DC Circuit Court's ruling on the ACA Tuesday was, according to everyone on cable, "a major blow to Obamacare," as Jon Stewart dutifully notes with clips of a slew of cable news people saying it was a huge,...

Washington OKs New Wireless System To Cripple GPS, Cell Phones & Jets

Good news on the U.S. infrastructure front: The FCC has approved a weird new national wireless system that will maybe create some new jobs! The bad news, according to USA Today, is that the powerful new cell towers "will...

Last Notes On the New System, With Apologies For Comment Hardships

As Glenn Beck once said during the Martian Civil War, one-score and four hours ago, your Wonkette embarked upon its first redesign since 2007, and the first comment/technology system change since the spring of 2008, when Hillary Clinton was...

Paultards Harassing Other Hillbillies In Kentucky

Well, what do you know, Tea Party Paultards are harassing other voters in Kentucky, and "State and local officials say backers of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul have been removed by sheriff's deputies from an eastern Kentucky polling...

The Morning After, In Which We See The Winners And Losers By The Light Of Day

Yesterday happened! Recall its winners: Bloomberg, Owens, Christie, various Others. It was also yesterday in Virgina too, where Bob McDonnell defeated Creigh Deeds and is therefore the state's new governor. The state of Maine poured rock salt on gay...

Your Lengthy Guide To The Insane McCain-Palin Cold War

It is 1945 all over again. A major historical War for the White House has ended forever, and the liberals won. The liberals do not usually win these things because they are scared of fighting, so who knows how...

Barney Frank & Harry Reid Will Kill John McCain

Barney Frank is ANGRY, again, and John McCain better stay away from the portly House Financial Services Committee chairman. He says they're all working with "serious Republicans" but that obviously means no McCain. Frank's doing a live press conference,...