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A leader of little green plastic men

Trump Wants To Grab Mexico By The Posse Comitatus

More red meat for the Basest of the Base.

Donald Trump Celebrates The Risen Lord With Threats To Deport Jesús

Those lousy Samaritans are in big trouble, too.

Donald Trump Opens His Shithole

Shithead says what?
They look pretty dangerous all right

Trump Has HAD IT With All These Refugees Making America Great The Wrong Way

Guess we don't...have...to care about refugees. (Don't have to care about refugees!)

Donald Trump Fixin’ To Deport ALL Y’ALL, But *Very Compassionately*

A brief outline of the New Cruelty.
Eew, gross

Hillary Clinton Touts Endorsement By Terrible Human John Negroponte. Don’t Tout That, Hillary!

Hillary Clinton is proud of an endorsement she really should have said "no thanks" to. And now we must sigh heavily.

‘Jill And Jessa: Counting On’ Finale: Our Long National Nightmare Is Over At Last

We regret to inform you that the latest iteration of the Duggars, "Jill and Jessa: Counting Spawn On" has not yet been cancelled. Turns out prayers don't do shit. Perhaps we need to start making blood sacrifices to minor...

‘Jill And Jessa’ Duggar Aired The Birth Of Squashy Spurgeon And We Wish We Had No Eyes

This is what you are greeted with when you tune to this week's episode of "Jill and Jessa: Counting On": Oh good. Because if there was one thing this squashy-baby-filled show was missing, it was the expulsion of another squashy...

Learn About How Ben Is A Disgusting Eater In This Week’s Duggar Recap!

Over the last seven days, the Earth continued to revolve and the Sun, regrettably, did not swallow up the planet, which means (a) Donald Trump is even more dangerously close to being the leader of the free world and (b)...

Dumb Duggar Boy Won’t Let Satan Finger His Sisters Again

Hey, Jesus Lovers, OMG OMG OMG, are you so excited about watching TV tonight? No, not the primaries! What are you, some kind of politically minded DORKASS? No, we are talking about the premiere of the new season of "Duggar Diddles...
Making that face is one of the things he learned in sex rehab.

Did Josh Duggar Jailbreak From Sex Rehab? Guard Your Sheep And Your Women!

Uh oh, it's Duggar Friday at the Wonkette! (Which is different from Duggar Tuesday, where ladies Duggar all night for free, and Duggar Thursday, which is all-you-can-eat ewwwwww.) So let's find out if there's anything going on in the...
Bet those kids can't wait to get back to the sun, sand, and occasional automatic weapons fire. Oh, and the rapes.

GOP Senator: Sure, Kids Deported To Honduras Might Die, But It’s So Pretty There

Remember how all those children were "invading" our southern border from Central America last year, and it was the greatest crisis America ever faced, until some guy in Texas had Ebola? Well it turns out that a lot of...
Oh look, they are kissing. Bet they're about to do some "mission work" to each other's bathing suit areas.

Dumb Duggar Kids Admit Mission Trip Is Basically Sexxxy Beach Vacation For Jesus

YR WONKET CALLED IT, MUST CREDIT WONKET! You people out there in internet-ville think oh, Wonkette is such a gas, the way they make up silly stories about how Jill Duggar and her long lanky sex penis "Derick Dillard"...

Duggars Edge Out Bristol Palin In ‘Biggest A Idiot’ Contest Once More. Your Weekly Top Ten

HALLOOOOO, WONKERS! It's Sunday afternoon, and that means we are very excited to write the top ten posts of the week at you. Will you be so kind as to click on every single one of them and share...
Sexytime Jesus Vacation

Dumb Duggar Kids Will Refund Your ‘Missionary’ Donations If You Promise Not To Tell Jesus

We know very little about what Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband Meth-Eyes "Derick" Duggar Dillard have been doing in Central America, if that's even where they REALLY ARE. There has been much Intrigue! Are they really in El Salvador,...