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One Year Later. Wonkagenda For Wed., May 16, 2018

Michael Cohen's got a BIG problem, it's military warehouses for kids at the border, and the #Vagenda claims another big victory. Your morning news brief.
No fair, why does HE get to use his phone and we can't? MOM!

GOP Jerk Babies Will Kill Off ‘Obamaphones’ For Poors, Just To Be Jerk Babies

It's amazing how many ways Republicans think of to punish poor people. Almost. Assholery can be endlessly creative.

Genius Republican Thinks Waiters Aren’t Worth Wasting Medicine On

If they would rather die, they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.

Paul Ryan Said A Bad About President Trump. Wonkagenda For Tues., March 14, 2017

Republicans TRY to love TrumpCare, the NRA wants you to love Neil Gorsuch, and President Bannon throws Paul Ryan under the bus. Your morning news brief!

Who’ll Leak The Leakers! Wonkagenda For Mon., Feb 27, 2016

Still no 'replace' in 'repeal and,' Sean Spicer's phone problems, and Little Marco explains why he's so damn spineless! Your morning news brief!
Macho macho man

Donald Trump Would Agree Lindsey Graham Smashing His Phone To Sounds Of Vivaldi Is CLASSY

Remember yesterday, when Donald Trump decided to do the weirdest campaign speech in the history of weird campaign speeches, by talking about how Lindsey Graham is even stupider than dumb Rick Perry, which is saying a lot, and regaled...
Sally Hemmings costume sold separately. Like Sally.

Terrible Lawyer Cosplays As Thomas Jefferson To Defend Terrible Lawyering

From our good friend and Wonker Emerita Lisa Needham, aka Snipy, we have this tale of a lawyer on the edge, kind of like the Jeffrey Tambor character in ...And Justice For All, except instead of shaving his head...

Naked New Jersey Politician Becomes Latest Victim of Cell Phone Camera

Louis Magazzu has just resigned from the esteemed position of Cumberland County Freeholder in New Jersey, after his seXXXy naked pix were e-mailed or Twittered or something. At this rate, we are probably in the audition phase of some...

Guvmint Thugs Will Steal Your Cell Phone After Stealing Your Baby

Now that armed government dragoons have taken away your child, really the only thing you have left to console you is to drive around the arterial road out by the Wal-Mart and the Hardees and just shout at your...

San Francisco To Protect Us From Alien Cell Phone Mind Control Rays

It is a fact well-known to reputable science that all the electronic gizmos in your house are conspiring to give you cancer and funnel Dangerous Electronic Beams into your hypothalamus, which will leave you open to suggestions from Them....

Barack Obama On The Daily Show

Cell Phone Strife At CBS!!

FCC Saves America