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Who Wore This Red Wedding Dress Best? Katy Tur Or Katy Tur?

Congratulations, Katy! You're married now, Katy! The Fake News Media won't report it but it's true, Katy!

Trump Achieves Best Boner In Years Over CNN’s Russia Story Fuckup

Regular Wonkette readers will not be surprised who at CNN fucked up this particular story.

Trump Just Gonna Kick This CBS Reporter Out Of His Office, Nothing To See Here Move Along

Donald Trump doesn't stand by anything he says, because he knows he's always right.


Another cacophonous vomit fountain of bullshit from Spicer.

Has Anyone Donald Trump Knows NOT Shared A Romantic Hot Tub With The Russian Ambassador? Your Crazy Russia Roundup!

Golly, everyone in the Trump regime just CAN'T STOP TALKING TO SERGEY KISLYAK!

Reince Priebus Just Can’t Stop Whining About The Fake News Lying Enemy Press!

The media is being so very unkind to the Trump regime!


Thanks a lot, media, for literally helping turn the world's greatest democracy over to a fucking tyrant.

Donald Trump Big Fan Of 10-Year-Old Girls Getting Old Enough To Bang Donald Trump

You won't believe this, wait yes you will.

Domino’s Customer Outraged After Employee Asked Them Nicely To Stop Being A Jerkwad

A customer is outraged over something a restaurant employee did. Does that outrage reveal them to in fact be the asshole? (Hint: the answer to this question is always yes.) A Domino's customer in Texas ordered a pizza five minutes...
Are the Democrats the party of sexxxy Saturday nights? Sure why not.

We’ll Always Have Paris: Live-Blogging The Democrats’ Sposed-To-Be-Snoozy Saturday Debate

It's Democratic debate time: The Hope-You-Weren't-Trying-To-Enjoy-Your-Saturday-Night Edition! Democrats running for president, plus Martin O'Malley, are gathering to debate Stuff and Things in Iowa. But because of the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night, Some Say the candidates should instead debate other...
Mature adult conversation. Who knew?

Ready To Spend Saturday Night Watching Hillary And Bernie Eat Each Other Alive?

Goody gumdrops, it is time for another Democratic debate! Since last time the Demon-cratics talked to each other on a stage like full-blown adults, a lot has happened! Jim Webb dropped out to spend more time with Republicans. Lincoln...
He is the most accuratest reporter EVAR

Bill O’Reilly Is One Pissed War Correspondent

Bill O'Reilly just wants you to know that he has never, ever, not once in his life ever exaggerated his bravery as a war correspondent. And if you say otherwise, he will END YOU, as he let a nosy...

Everyone Who Knew Bill O’Reilly In 1982 Is A Vicious Lying Pinhead

You guys, this is really serious: It appears that virtually everyone from CBS who worked with Bill O'Reilly when he was bravely reporting on the Falklands War in 1982 is a vicious smear artist who just wants Billo to...

The Colbert Report Is No More. Long Live Stephen Colbert’s Best Moment Ever

As you probably noticed, The Colbert Report ran its final episode last night. It was a big sendoff for a beloved entertainment icon. But remember when he got just a little too real with George W. Bush at the...
Now it's a few hundred, and still nothin' on.

Today’s Top Network Excuses For Not Running Obama’s Immigration Speech (1. He’s Black) Updated!

Update/new development: Yr. Wonkette is psychic once again! (see end of post) Barry Bamz is going to single-handedly overthrow the rule of law tonight, but the teevee networks have decided not to carry the speech, because come on,...