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Hey, Boomers, Maybe Don’t Brag About How ‘Your Generation’ Thought Of Sexual Assault?

Woman who claims her son was 'wrongly accused' of rape says that in her generation, what her son did would have been his victim's fault. That sounds not great!

The Week In Terrible Men: Evil Women Wear Leggings Just To Torment Incels

Men keep being oppressed! Unfair!

Will Betsy DeVos Give Campus Sexual Assailants A Big Wet Kiss?

Betsy DeVos may rescind parts of Title IX this week.

Betsy DeVos To Chat With Men’s Rights Activists About How Rape Victims Are Liars

She's set up meetings with 'Men's Rights' groups to discuss the 'epidemic' of bad women lying about sexual assault just to ruin the lives of nice frat boys.
RNC Chair Reince Priebus

North Carolina GOP Throws Hilarious Tantrum Over NCAA Being Nice To Transgender Peeps

The NCAA has pulled championship games out of North Carolina, citing the state's godawful and discriminatory HB2 law. UNFAIR!

Idiot Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore Will Represent Boobs And Guns In Congress!

Of all the broken-braineded local politicking idiot teabagger ladies, Michele "That's One L" Fiore is our favorite. She's an assemblywoman in Nevada, and she came onto the scene just as Michele "The other one L" Bachmann was breaking our...
Where could she even be hiding a gun?

Nevada Bill Will Solve Rape, Let All Co-Eds Shoot Everyone, What Could Go Wrong?

Ah, college. That heady brew of drinking, parties, hormones, Marxist indoctrination, drugs, late nights, not enough sleep, political correctness, overblown drama, and more hormones. You know what might spice it up even more? Allowing students to carry guns on...
No more? No point

Harvard Won’t Let Professors Sex Up Undergrads Anymore, Unfair!

What is even the point of pursuing a career in Ivy League academia if you can't even screw your smokin' hot barely legal undergrad students anymore, huh? None that we can think of, certainly. The no-fun fascists at Harvard University...
Dear Sir or Madame: I am outraged by the lack of variety in the .gifs on this blog!

Deleted Comments Of The Week: Why Don’t You People Cover The Important Stories?

It's the weekend, and time to catch up on some vital maintenance -- refill the poison rat dick stockpiles, top off the Pony cache, and slop out the comments queue, that sort of thing. And we have some real...
Conservative reality would include shooting the unicorn for meat, but otherwise this is spot on.

Please Stop Making Fun Of Conservatives For Hating Facts

Let us have a little fun this morning by playing a game. Late Monday this little exchange on Twitter caught our eye. First, we have this tweeted question from Emily Atkin, an environmental reporter for ThinkProgress. It's a perfectly reasonable...
Never been forcibly kissed

Ladies! National Review’s Rich Lowry Will Jam His Tongue Down Your Throat, For Freedom!

National Review editor Rich Lowry would just like everyone to calm down, because there is no problem with sexual assault on college campuses. In an appearance on ABC's This Week yesterday, he was just delighted to announce that, because...
"It's true, I do look like a pumpkin head full of horse fat."

Twitter’s Biggest Scumbag Chuck C. Johnson Outs Rape Victim To Teach Feminazis A Lesson

We continue to not know what to make of Rolling Stone’s horrific story on an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia, but we are sure of one thing: Idiot man-child blogger Chuck C. Johnson, who has been...

The Daily Show Presents College Partying Tips For Guys And Gals (Video)

Here's a nifty Daily Show sketch for colleges to file away for new student orientations: following several notorious cases of sexual assault on campus, Jordan Klepper and Jessica Williams offer tips for smart partying -- for bros, reminders to...