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Elizabeth Warren, We Love You So Fucking Much. You Are So Fucking Wrong Right Now.

You won't see us turning on Elizabeth Warren anytime soon, OR EVER. But let's have a family discussion!

Your Senate Sunday: Florida’s U.S. Senate Race About As Screwy As Everything Else In Florida

Florida's having another election. Please tighten your safety belts and assume your crash positions.

Harvard Law Professor Running For President (No, Not The One You Want)

So this some dude professor guy, his name is Larry, and he is running for U.S. President of America. You may be familiar with his previous political experienceĀ supporting a fake candidate for Senate in 2014, but, like, to make...
Reports that The Humungus had taken over the Ellipse turned out to be unsubstantiated

Florida Man Tries To Air-Drop Message To Congress, It Does Not Go Well

A Florida (OF COURSE) mailman's attempt to call attention to campaign finance reform instead prompted a terrorism scare when the amateur aviator landed his gyrocopter on Capitol Hill Wednesday. 61-year-old Doug Hughes, of Ruskin, Florida, had been planning...

Did Edwards Use Campaign Bucks For Sex Cover-Up?

You have probably heard by now about this "John Edwards" character, who constructed his own vulgarian Monticello out of dirt, mirrors, and his own crippling self-regard out in a mud-patch in North Carolina. He also ran for president, twice,...

RNC WANTS TO END ALL MAVERICK REFORMS NOW: Nine days have passed since the defeat of John McCain -- whose name your editor has just typed for the first time all week, huzzah -- and the RNC already is...

Obama Raises $150 Million In September

Barack Obama raised $150,000,000 (pronounced "eleventy billion dollars") in September from ACORN, William Ayers, radical leftists with an extreme pro-abortion agenda, and a smattering of overseas hooligans. In fact, over 3.1 million radical leftist traitors have now contributed to...

Obama’s June Haul Smaller Than Last Night’s Bar Tab

Wonkette Fundraising Operative "Neville" sends us this sad screencap from CNN.com that reveals the true state of Barack Obama's finances. He has officially raised enough money to buy one gallon of gas and a pack of Old Golds.

Please Pray To Mitt Romney’s God That He Will Be Veep

Now that Barack Obama has killed Comedy, America's last best hope for political laffs is a McCain-Romney ticket. And it looks like Mitt Romney may oblige, given the latest development in his years-long quest to be humiliated by, with,...

Ask a Lobbyist: Sea Breeze

Ask a Lobbyist: Democrazy in Action