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Donald Trump Jr. Tried To Collude With Sexxxy Russian Lady, But He Couldn’t Get There

Oh look! COLLUSION! And this is only the beginning, we bet!

Jeff Sessions Is Coming All Over Your Porn! We Mean Coming After!

Sessions said during his confirmation hearing that he's totally open to prosecuting the porns. THANKS TRUMP!

Even George W. Bush’s Favorite Torture Boy Thinks Donald Trump Is Like WHOA BAD CRAZY

JOHN YOO! Even JOHN YOO thinks Trump is unfit to be president.

Daddy Bush Says It’s Dick’s Fault Dubya Was A Idiot

Damn it, Poppy, you were a lot more likable when you were flashing your fabulous stripey socks and doing gay-lesbian weddings and jumping out of planes for your 117th birthday. Why, we could almost forget that you were the one...
Pure gender-neutral evil

Judith Miller Knows Who To Blame For Her Crap Iraq War Reporting (Hint: Not Judith Miller)

Judith Miller, disgraced former propagandist for the Bush administration (and also former reporter for the New York Times) -- now a Fox News contributor, OF COURSE -- is still defending herself and the blood on her hands, with a new...

People Are Finally Going To Jail For Iraq War Crimes. No, Really!

Four Blackwater mercenaries were sentenced Monday for the 2007 massacre of 17 unarmed Iraqi civilians in Nisour Square, with three of the thugs getting 30-year sentences and their leader getting a full life in prison, which as of today makes...
Any story combining 'Trump' and 'intelligence' makes us nervous

CIA Lady Was Worst Spy Ever, Got Promoted To King Of Torture

Just when we'd thought we'd heard all the worst from the Senate's report on the CIA's torture program, along comes even more. Not only did the CIA do some pretty horrific stuff that violated the law without gaining any...
"We shall see that at which dogs howl in the dark, and that at which cats prick up their ears after midnight."

New York Times Calls For Extradition Of Dick Cheney To Any Planet With A Justice System

The New York Times editorial board ran an editorial Monday calling for the prosecution of those who ran the CIA's torture program, proving that they are a bunch of hopeless romantics who believe in justice. They aren't especially hopeful,...
Dick Cheney auditions for a reboot of "Little Nicky."

Dick Cheney Tortures Us By Making Us Look At More Of George Bush’s Paintings Or Something

Sunday was a good day for the bookers on a couple of those political chat shows where Washington’s power brokers yap at each other in brazen displays of verbal hand jobbery. It’s not every week that the president and...
Might be making an excellent point about something, might be a Motown back-up singer

Morning Maddow: Did The CIA Really Need To Do All That Torture To Protect America? (Video)

In his press conference on the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on torture, CIA Director John Brennan acknowledged that interrogators did some things that were "abhorrent and rightly should be repudiated by all,” but also explained that it was a...
Don't call it torture. Call it nostalgia

CIA Chief: Torture Is Bad, We Shouldn’t Do It, Now Please Shut Up About It

CIA Director John Brennan held a press conference today to respond to the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on torture during the Bush administration, and he gave a very clear message: The CIA is good, torture is bad, it's hard...

Dick Cheney Throws George W. Bush Under War Criminal Bus

Dick Cheney, the dark lord who makes Satan himself cringe, wants you to know a few things about that Senate report on torture that he has not read but knows is not only "hooey" but also "full of crap." In...
Poinsettias and torture reports go together so well

Morning Maddow: Surprise, CIA Torture Program Was Run By Idiots (Video)

Rachel Maddow started off her Tuesday show with one of those Historical Context pieces she's so fond of, and it was a doozy: the story of Yuri Nosenko, the KGB agent who defected to the USA in 1964. Despite...

Donald Rumsfeld Has Nothing To Say About Torture, But He’d Like Your Money

Remember the good old days, of, say, 2004, before we knew for an absolute fact that our government was torturing the hell out of detainees? All we had then were rumors and some photographs and maybe some videos and...
This isn't about democracy, this is about politics. Which Democracy doesn't need.

Fox News Explains America Is The Best, So Who Cares About Torture?

The nice folks at Fox News are pretty darn angry about the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on the CIA's post-9/11 torture program, but not about anything revealed in the report. No, the great patriots at Fox are mostly angry...