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Does Milo Yiannopoulos Even KNOW He Plagiarized ‘American Psycho’? Because He Totally Did

No but seriously he totally plagiarized American Psycho. And the rest is fun too!

EXCLUSIVE! We Wrote These Shocking New Donna Brazile Book Excerpts Last Night While Doing Laundry!

What juicy new revelations did we make up for your amusement?

Donald Trump’s New National Security Adviser Sane, Smart, Competent. How The Hell Did THAT Happen?

Looks like H.R McMaster is the subject of a national media love-in. Even the merest hint of competence excites people these days.
And that's how America was made!

Ted Cruz’s Fundie Dad Thinks God Did Bang-Up Job Writing U.S. Constitution

As we all know, Ted Cruz is running to be America's Top Preacherman, explaining how he'll save American Christians from being sent to jail for saying Jesus's name, and he'll also protect all the Jewish churches from homosexuals, too....
A leader of little green plastic men

War Hero Donald Trump Was Most Terrific War Hero In Prep School

We finally know why Donald Trump never cared so much for war guys who got captured: When he was in the military, he never got captured, so why should he think all that much of guys who were? Now,...

Hillary Clinton Confronts French Furry Stalker, CNN Is ON IT

Hillary Clinton has apparently taken the first step toward détente with the Republican National Committee's ingenious French Squirrel Costume, deftly defusing the sciurid threat to her campaign by shaking his (?) hand and giving the critter a copy of...

Elizabeth Warren Writes A Book, Which Means She Is Running For President

America's favorite fake Indian, Senator Perfesser Lizbeth Warren, has written a new booky wook, squeeeeeeee, aaaaaah, ARE YOU GOING TO BUY IT, I KNOW ME TOO!! The book is called A Fighting Chance (buy it here, we get money), and...

Derp Roundup: Your Weekly Basket of Argle, Bargle, and Babble

Welcome to another edition of Derp Roundup, the weekly feature where we bring you a bunch of stories that didn't quite merit a post of their own, but that were far too stupid to ignore altogether. Apply alcohol directly...

A Festival of (Jewish) Books

It's important to remember that Jews are more than just a semi-oppressed minority who run the teevee and whose ranks include crazy homophobes. Yes, Jews also can read and write books, although those books must be either about what...

Joe The Plumber As Unpopular As Any First-Time Author

Well dammit, it appears Joe the Plumber has successfully metamorphosed from rat-faced creep into literary sad sack in the space of about three months. Not so long ago he was riding high, saying dumb things on all the cable...

$8 Million for Uncle Teddy!