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HEY RICH BASTARDS: Trump Wants To Take Your Bimmer Away!

Donald Trump is such a fucking asshole.
Kam Brock. She says she has a BMW. She does have a BMW. What a headcase!

Black Lady Sent To Mental Hospital For Saying She Drives A BMW. Whatever, Crazy Lady!

Oh hi, we are here with another dispatch from America, land of the Racism Is Totally Over, Yep, You Bet. It's a story as old as Phyllis Schlafly. Black lady by the name of Kamilah Brock ("Kam" for short)...
A year is plenty of time to stop being poor.

Oklahoma Republicans Make Hilarious Joke About How Poors Are Gross Animals

It's tough to be a Republican these days if you don't have an overwhelming disdain for people who struggle to get by (often because they're held back by Republican policies, funny how that works). Because THOSE PEOPLE, right? Anyway,...