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GOP Pissed Poors Keep Complaining. Wonkagenda For Wed., Nov. 29, 2017

GOP tax bill gets even less popular, Matt Lauer YA BUSTED, and the fight for net neutrality gets dirty. Your morning news brief.

Wonkette Hereby Applies For Job On Sexcellent InfoWars Alex Jones Team Of ‘Elites’

Do you think Wonkette has what it takes? Can't hurt to try!

Newsroom Episode Four: How Is Aaron Sorkin Belittling Women Today?

After Gabrielle Giffords (HIIII GABBY! HIIII!) is shot and almost killed in a Tucson strip mall toward the end of this week's Old Man Sorkin Presents: Get Off My Lawn, there is a devastatingly suspenseful sequence when we literally...

Here Is Your 2011 Demon Sheep Ad, This Time With Chupacabras

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Di9Attkt7BU#! There is that saying, about imitation and flattery and whatever, but all we know is that here is another insane campaign commercial starring a bunch of demon creatures, not unlike the beloved Demon Sheep of Carly Fiorina, circa 2010....

Nut Who Proved Barack Obama’s An Alien Also Shot, Killed Two Bigfoot Creatures In Texas, 32 Years Ago

Is it possible that the fringe nutcase world of Bigfoot and Space Monsters is also the fringe nutcase world of those people out to prove half-Muslin Kenyan Taliban Barack Hussein Obama is an illegal alien? A shocking new development...

Why Won’t Obama Apologize For Dead Bigfoot?

Some dudes say they've found a dead Bigfoot, in Georgia! It is being revealed to The Media in Palo Alto, which is on the other side of the country, in California. We are pretty sure it's just a dead...

Osama Bin Laden Found, On Mars!