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Welcome Back To The Legislative Badass Of The Year Podium, Elijah Cummings!

Here's a man who knows good Oversight is no oversight.

Benghazi Ambassador’s Sister Would Like Republicans To STFU And Stop Blaming Hillary

What, you mean the Republicans on the Benghazi committee actually don't speak for the families? You don't say!

GOP Benghazi Press Conference Basically Just Trey Gowdy Stepping Repeatedly On Own Dick

Tuesday's Republican Benghazi press conference was as pathetic as you'd imagine.
Still missing an H

House Benghazi Report Finds No Conspiracies, Gets No Love From Fox

In a classic Friday news dump -- the favored method for releasing information when you hope the fewest people will notice -- the House Intelligence Committee released the results of its Great Big Benghazi Inquiry yesterday afternoon, and boy...