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Joe Arpaio Pretty Sad Trump Pardoned Him, Since That Means He’s GUILTY

Sorry, dude, if you hadn't been convicted, you wouldn't need a pardon.
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Federal Judge: Texas Voter ID Law Was Racist As Hell, Y’all

It's the fifth judicial loss for Texas's awful voter ID law. Maybe Justice Gorsuch will decide discrimination isn't really discriminatory.
Soon we can get back to insurance industry death panels the way Thomas Jefferson intended

House Lawsuit Makes Obamacare Worse, Just Like They Wanted. Hooray!

A federal judge ruled Thursday to kill Obama with fire, or at least shine a really warm light bulb on part of it.
Yaoi? Yowie!

Gay-Hatin’ Kentucky Clerks Having Real Bad Week

Pour out a 40 for the gay-hating county clerks of Kentucky, who are losing their brave battle to refuse to do their jobs in the name of Jesus. First up, we have Kim Davis, the clerk of Rowan County,...
Furry marriage as God intended it. (With separate vacations, apparently)

Idaho Gov ‘Butch’ Otter Asks Supreme Court To End Gay Marriage. For The Kids!

Four months after the Supreme Court crammed marriage equality down Idaho's throat, Idaho Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter is asking the Supreme Court for a do-over. Oh, sure, you might think that when the Court upheld the 9th Circuit's ruling...
Buh bye now. Buh bye.

Smug Jerkface Stacey Campfield Might Go To Libel Jail After All

Oh, golly, outgoing Wonkette Legislative Shitmuffin of 2013 Stacey Campfield. You are not having a good past couple months, are you? First you lost your primary election by a whopping THIRTY-NINE POINTS -- seriously, what incumbent Tennessee Republican loses...
You didn't want those clinics, did you?

It’s A Texas Abortion Party, Who Could Ask For More?

Excellent news, for a while at least, maybe: A federal judge has overturned part of Texas's terrible abortion law, House Bill 2, which means that the state's remaining clinics can stay open. The new restrictions, which would have...
It's Spanish for "without subsidy"

Jon Stewart Can’t Believe How Obamacare Got Blown, Right In The Ear (Video)

The DC Circuit Court's ruling on the ACA Tuesday was, according to everyone on cable, "a major blow to Obamacare," as Jon Stewart dutifully notes with clips of a slew of cable news people saying it was a huge,...

Virginia Is For Lovers (Ramming Gay Down Your Throat)

Dag, federal judiciary, another state's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional? Which one is it this time? Virginia? Cool beans. And Virginia has a brand-new attorney general, Democrat Mark Herring, who's actually on the side of the two gay...

Hero Utah Wingnuts Stopping Gay Marriage With Hunger Strikes And Armed Uprisings, Just Like Gandhi

Well how's this for a study in contrasts? Wingnut opponents of marriage equality in Utah are calling for defiance to the tyranny of the federal judiciary, because as we all know states can ignore federal judges, under the time-honored...

Federal Judge Murders Worst Part Of Texas Abortion Law, Remaining Parts Still Terrible

A federal judge has ruled one part of Texas's terrible abortion law unconstitutional and partially blocked another part. The worst provision, which required all doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges within 30 miles of the clinic and would...

Florida Woman Who Got 20 Years For Shooting Wall Gets New Trial

Here's one to file under "Justice Delayed, but not nearly as long as we'd have guessed": Marissa Alexander, the Florida woman who was sentenced to 20 years in prison after firing a warning shot into a wall to scare...

Barack Obama To Give Children All The Whore Pills They Can Stuff Into Their Hello Kitty Backpacks

After losing a lawsuit in federal court, and then an appeal, the Obama administration is dropping its opposition to a judge's order to allow over the counter sales of "Plan B" emergency contraception without age restrictions. We're pretty sure...