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Everything Went Wrong In Trump’s Clusterf*ck Yemen Raid. Let’s Blame Hillary Clinton!

Somebody needs to get Jason Chaffetz investigating this right away.

Trump’s First Military Raid A Total Cluster(bomb) *Even Though* He Said ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’!

It turns out that war kills noncombatants, even when America is being made great again.

Journalism Job! Have You Applied Yet At Al-Qaeda’s Mag?

We all have our favorite news and information sources, so why should we be surprised when followers of al-Qaeda have one too? Meet Inspire, the slick, glossy mag created by American citizen (and former cheerleader) Samir Khan and featured columnist...

Lonely Ron Paul Points Out Al-Awlaki Killing Was Super Illegal, Alone

Hey, kids! Who's heard of the Constitution? Barack Obama has, he said so in 2007: "Unlike the current president I actually respect the Constitution." Haha, that was a weird sick joke, what Obama actually meant -- if you read...