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Ted Cruz Does Not Like Lisa Simpson In A Boat, Does Not Like Her With A Goat

Is Lisa Simpson a Demmycrat? You're damn right she is!

Deleted Email: You Have The Vocabulary And Intellect Of A Middle School Paint Huffer

This scathing criticism from 2004 will surely put us in our place!

Deputy AG Lets Mueller Off His Leash. Wonkagenda For Mon., Aug. 7, 2017

Rod Rosenstein is hands off, Trump has his own shadow government, and Trump TV gets a new host. Your morning news brief!

Auntie Maxine Waters Says She Just Learned What ‘Shade’ Means, Uh Huh You Bet

Quoth the woman who INVENTED SHADE.

John McCain Will Punch Cancer In The Face. Wonkagenda For Thurs., July 20, 2017

John McCain ready to keep kicking ass, Trump gives another INSANE interview, and zombie TrumpCare tries one last scare. Your morning news brief.
Princess Sunbutt Will Rise Again!

Deleted Comments: Yankees Too Dumb To Know They Stoled Old Glory From The Confederate Flag!

It's hard to keep a proud neo-Confederate down -- or out of the comments on an article from two years ago.

Donald Trump Loves His Dead, Racist Dad

Wouldn't it be great if the *only* problem with Donald Trump is that his father was a racist?

Somebody Did All The Groping, And It Was Donald Trump (Allegedly)

This is so unexpected!
That's not hair, Madam, it's IDEAS.

Bernie Sanders Refuses To Answer Sexist Questions About His Luxurious Mane

A reporter got in BIG TROUBLE with Bernie Sanders, in a new interview for The New York Times, and it was the reporter Ana Marie Cox, who USED to be called Wonkette, like during the Truman administration when this mommyblog...
This revisionism will not stand, man

Ted Cruz Gets Republican Jizz All Over Your Beloved Star Trek

Ted Cruz is trying to ruin your beloved childhood memories again. First, he fucked up The Simpsons, and now he's coming after Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry's Kennedy Administration in Space fantasia. In Cruz's mental version of the show, Captain...
Aaron's jazz hands ignore his father's pain

Bad Seed Aaron Schock Has Shamed His Daddy And Made Him Sad

Now just look at what Aaron Schock's shameful behavior and resignation have done -- brought shame and media hounding on his poor daddy, Dr. Richard Schock. Mean local media cornered Dr. Schock for 13 minutes to get his opinion on his...
This is of course ridiculous. Fluttershy wouldn't even make it to the stage.

Deleted Comments Of The Week: You People Lost An Election, So Shut Up Now

As you may have heard, there was an election this week, and The People Have Spoken. Or at least The People who bothered to vote have spoken, and they are the ones what matter. Not surprisingly, the results of...

Wonkette After Dark: Vance McAllister’s Romance McFailister, Miley Pelosi, & More!

Vance McAllister has allegedly kissed his own staff! Wow, way to go Stretch! No, we are joking, we know Vance McAllister didn't finally master yoga's forbidden Contented Dog, he was merely allegedly kissing a lady he shouldna been kissing....

What Do You Get Your Mommyblog For Your Tenth Anniversary? A Brief History Of The Last Year And Change At Your Wonkette

Hello bitchez! Do you know what today is? It is the tenth anniversary of your Wonkette. (Actually, tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of your Wonkette, but tomorrow is Saturday and you will be drunk.) We know this because we...

Deleted Emails Of The Day: ‘Dave’s Not Here, Man’ Edition

Today, a special treat! For a certain value of "treat," at least. Instead of buttheaded remarks from our comments queue, we have a special sampling from some email correspondence sent to Yr Editrix, from a gentleman named Stephen Hitchcock...

The Blaze Just Asking: Did Imam’s One Weird Prayer Damn Navy Seals To Hell At Their Own Funeral?

You guys should go take a look at Ana Marie Wossername's thinky piece about how the wingnut media doesn't seem to have learned a damn thing from the failure of its "Obama Is Evil" narrative in the 2012 election....