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he's prayed on this

Prosperity Already Flowing From Tax Cut! To Paul Ryan! From The Kochs!

Just think of all the lobbying jobs Trump's tax cuts will create!

Donald Trump Promises To Make Truckers Rich With Tax Cuts (If They Are Already Millionaires)

If they take enough Alex Jones Brand Trucker Speed, they will probably believe him!

Koch Brother Daddies, Angry About Obamacare, Send Republicans To Bed Without Any Money

Donors say JUMP! Republicans say HOW HIGH?

Who Hates TrumpCare More Than Democrats? Other Republicans, Of Course.

The ACA doesn't cover Republicans' self-inflicted wounds, does it?

It’s Time To Save ‘Libraries’ From The Koch Brothers, All You Four-Eyes Pointy-Headed Smarties!

The Koch Brothers are going after public libraries now, because no one should have nice things they didn't personally buy.
The Nashville skyline has a building what looks like Batman, what does YOUR dumb city have?

Koch Brothers Protect White Nashville Ladies From Scary Blacks Riding Buses

Nashville is a fast-growing city that looks like it was originally designed by a toddler on meth who just REALLY loves circles. The traffic there? ES BAD! But at least downtown is in the middle. Memphis, on the other...
As Neil deGrasse Tyson said, maybe if we could see CO2, we'd be doing something about it

Superhero Barack Obama Spending Summer Vacation Saving The World

Some kids have a reading list or a paper route or maybe an aggressive agenda of sleeping late and playing Assassin's Creed Black Flag all freaking day, but Barack Obama's summer project is just plain old saving the world....

Moocher Red States Still Don’t Want Free Healthcare Money With Obama’s Name On It

While more than half of our American U.S. states are proficient enough at math to conclude that free dollars from the federal government to expand healthcare access to low-income citizens is a really good deal, some Republicans who are...
Dumber than a speeding bullet

Let’s Jizz All Over The Walmart: Your Florida Roundup

Lots of hot, fresh Florida Man action this week! Let's dive right in and see what trouble he's gotten himself into this time. Cited For Inappropriate Usage Of Floridian Genitals So … ever been at a Walmart, seen a purrrty lady...
Volunteer this. Stupid poors.

Tennessee Continues Long Tradition Of Hurting Poors, Totally Sucking

Last year, Tennessee (state motto: We’re Vaguely Rectangular!) got into the hot new game of drug testing welfare recipients to make sure that none of them were spending their time having any fun. Because what good is having poor...

Heroic Koch Brothers Save Nashville From Dystopian Nightmare Of Rapid Transit

Here's some welcome news! In addition to fighting to keep America safe from the nightmare of health insurance, sending out fishwives to scream at cute-milquetoast MSNBC hosts, and bringing rightwing lunacy to improvisational comedy, it would appear that the...

Please Fund Our Kickstarter To Send Mike Huckabee To North Korea, Where He Can Be Free

Do you dig Mike Huckabee? Who doesn't, really? If you do, you'll definitely be into his speech at the Conservative Value Freedom Summit God Bless America Property Rights Jamboree thing over the weekend, sponsored, of course, by Citizens United...

Crazy Homeless Lady Wanders Into Chris Hayes’s Studio, Claims To Be Koch Brothers Flunkie

Sweet eight-armed Ganesh, who is this horrible screeching banshee who looks as if she's about to unhinge her jaw and swallow Chris Hayes whole like a python snacking on an Acehnese tribesman?* Glad you asked! That is one Jennifer...

Lady Who Will Die From Unaffordable Obamacare Actually Saving Money On Obamacare, Who Knew?

Obamacare, man. Isn't it so the worst? Hardly a day goes by that Republicans, and their katrillionaire backers like the Koch brothers, aren't telling us the American horror stories of people who had golden balls insurance until that sumbitch...

Obamacare Victim Standing By Her Astroturf Men In War Against Affordable Insurance, Facts

Remember that Michigan lady with leukemia, Julie Boonstra, who couldn't afford her Obamacare insurance because it cost $500 less per month than her old plan that Obama personally death paneled? The one in the Americans for Plutocracy Prosperity ad?...

Terrible Lefties Attack Woman With Cancer In Dumb Lying Tea Party Ad

It's ben a little while since we've looked at a dumb lie about Obamacare, so how about we look at Americans For The Koch Brothers Prosperity and the foofaraw over their dumb ad claiming that Obamacare is killing a...