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Alabama GOP Senate Candidate Roy Moore Only Molested One Little Girl, Allegedly

An anti-gay traditional values Bible beater is maybe a disgusting pervert? YOU DON'T SAY.

Trump, Chuck, And Nancy Have DACA Dinner Date! Wonkagenda For Thurs., Sept. 14, 2017

Trump talks DACA with Dems, Trump-Russia twists in a new direction, and Notorious RBG nicetime! Your morning news brief!
This isn't about democracy, this is about politics. Which Democracy doesn't need.

Andrea Tantaros HIRED. A. DUDE. To Write Her Stupid Book About How Bitches Be The Worst

Holy hilarious Friday news, everyone!

President Bannon Sleeps With The Fishes. Wonkagenda For Fri., April 14, 2017

The Wingnut-o-sphere is spinning in circles, Jared is moving in, and town halls get testy! Your morning news brief!

Let’s Pretend 2017 Won’t Be Even Worse! Your Year-End 2016 Corporate Grab Bag

Amazon's dumb Echo speaker, like a Siri with whom you can curl up and watch a movie and ask, "is that the guy from Mr. Holland's Opus??" is dotting the home front for the lonely and the reckless wielders...

Rude Old Donald Trump Didn’t Invite Twitter To His Sexxxy Technology Party

Are Donald Trump and his favorite thing ever Twitter HAVING A FIGHT???

Donald Trump Will Make It Illegal For #Rigged Media To Hurt His Feelings

In Donald Trump's America, you won't be allowed to make Donald Trump cry!
we all did a business

Which Bank Is Just Going To Pay A Big Ol’ Meaningless Fine This Week?

It's your week in corporate malfeasance. Get out your pitchforks!

Donald Trump Goes Back To The ’70s With His Exciting New Enemies List!

Because doesn't everyone want to be like that groovy hepcat Richard Nixon?
What the PFOA

If DuPont Poisons Your Water And No One Sees, Is It Really A Public Health Crisis?

The state of our Union's corporate people is strong like a bull, soaring like an eagle, and full of trash like a raccoon. In fact, this was an especially strong week for corporate dirtbaggery. DuPont will leave all...
Oh look! It's intertextual!

2015: The Year We Drove Old Dixie Down

Among the actual victories this year for Non-Jerkhole Americans was one we'd been waiting a long time for: we finally -- FINALLY -- wounded the myth of the benevolent Confederacy. And it only took the murder of nine African-Americans, in...
Can't fool her with your "gotcha" questions.

Sarah Palin Guesses Atheist President Would Be Better Than ISIS, Oof Gosh!

The Thing What Squozed Bristol Out Of Its Moose Parts is talking again, because The Thing still has a book to sell. (It's a Bible devotional doohickey, but with all the lovey gay Jesus words crossed out and replaced...
Are they giggling because they stealed a baby???

The Duggars Will Help You Steal A Baby In Five Days Or Less, Maybe

Doesn't it blow when you want a baby but you ain't got no baby, and they won't let you take home the first one you see at the baby store? That's when you have to get on your knees and...
The pope's new record, probably.

Pope Francis Drops Dope New Record On Black Friday, Like A Common Adele

Know that thing when you are sporting around in your new Lexus, gettin' in a little "Dad Time" while you take your privileged white children to soccer practice by forcing them to listen to Rush? (The band, not the...
Sexytime Jesus Vacation

Dumb Duggar Kids Will Refund Your ‘Missionary’ Donations If You Promise Not To Tell Jesus

We know very little about what Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband Meth-Eyes "Derick" Duggar Dillard have been doing in Central America, if that's even where they REALLY ARE. There has been much Intrigue! Are they really in El Salvador,...

How Much Would You Pay To Watch Kim Davis Rub Naughties With A Black Lady?

Five dollars? Seven-fitty? Four easy payments of $19.99, as long as you call right now and they throw in a matching set of cookware for free? Well sorry, but you've all been outbid. A porning company called The Dogfart...