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Trump Judge Pick Doesn’t Want To Give Impression He’s Some Kind Of Faggot

This racist birther freak DEFINITELY deserves a lifetime appointment to the federal bench.
Yeah yeah yeah, Brokeback was set in Wyoming, WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?

Montana Governor Givin’ Special Rights To Them Brokeback Mountain Types Now

Seems like not a day goes by lately where some unelected lawyer in a robe or elected politician wearing pants of some sort doesn't declare war on Jesus and Christmas and good Christian common sense by forcing the gay...

Here Are Some Terrific Republican Ideas For Defeating Terrorism

President Obama addressed a pants-sharting nation Sunday night, reassuring the countryfolk that in the wake of the awful San Bernardino terrorist attack/mass shooting, he will beat up ISIS, and no, you do not have to panic. And Republicans said, "You're right,...
They do Photoshop good!

‘Priests For Life’ Says We’re Gonna Be All Eated Up By Racist Pervert Sex Dragon Thing

So here's a nifty explanation of why America is in so much trouble these days: Our Once-Great Nation is under attack by a three-headed sex dragon that is also a racist, according to "Priests For Life," a radical Catholic...
They call themselves His People. Weird.

Here Are 9 Wingnut Reasons For Charleston Murders That Aren’t Spelled R-A-C-I-S-M

Dylann Storm Roof killed black people because he wanted to kill black people. Roof admitted this! But maybe it's not about race. Let's take another trip down Wingnut River to see why Roof's nine victims -- Rev. Clementa Pinckney, Tywanza...
Confederate flag plates just a coincidence

Dylann Roof Confesses To Murdering 9 To Start Race War, Real Motive Still Unknown

Perhaps now we can stop looking for some way to explain how a young white man murdering nine people in a black church -- after telling his victims he was there to kill black people and "you have to...

Dr. King’s Most Embarrassing Niece Knows Charleston Shooting Happened Because Abortion

White dude walks into a black church, shoots and kills nine congregants, the Department of Justice calls it a hate crime -- but you know what's really behind this tragedy? Let's check in with "pro-life" conservative activist and Fox...

The Super-Conservative King Family Member Hates Harry Reid!

Although Fox News can't be sure that's what she was saying, it was hard to decipher all of the mumbly-jumbly black talk.