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Let’s Review Roy Moore’s Creepy Judicial Fanfic About Little Girls (And Boys) Who Had It Coming

It's like judicial affirmative action for kid-rapers.

What Are You Going To Do, Republicans, Count The Tree Rings On Roy Moore’s Dick?

The entire GOP is saying Roy Moore should step aside IF his kid-diddling allegations are true. How do they plan to find out?

Alabama GOP Senate Candidate Roy Moore Only Molested One Little Girl, Allegedly

An anti-gay traditional values Bible beater is maybe a disgusting pervert? YOU DON'T SAY.

Could Democrat Doug Jones Beat The Alabama Shitfire Out Of Raving Shitgibbon Roy Moore? MAYBE!

Meet Doug Jones! He seems pretty great.
Yes, this really exists

In Shocking Turn, Alabama Republicans Vote For The Lunatic Bigot

This is why Alabama cannot have nice things.

Alabama Gay Marriage Judge Forced To Shove Gavel Up Haters’ Asses. Again.

Oh, Alabama, the state whose only claim to fame is that it's not Mississippi.

Gay-Hatin’ Alabama Chief Justice Reckons He Could Use Some Civil Rights Right About Now

Don't you all know Roy Moore is being persecuted by the homosexuals, which is unfair and not at all Christlike?

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore Suspended For ‘Bad At Law.’ Here Is A Sexxx Song About Him!

Judy Rogers is your new favorite contemporary Christian artist. Also, Roy Moore got suspended for telling the Supreme Court it's not the boss of him. (It is.)

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore Wishes Godless Gaywads Would Stop Pickin’ On Him

Roy Moore, chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, is a magnificent buffoon. You 'member him. He's the justice who's been standing in the courthouse door, trying to block the big gay U.S. Supreme Court from throatcramming his precious Alabammy...
Now they've even destroyed the sanctity of divorce

Supreme Court Lets Lesbians Be Mommies, Civilization To End By Dinnertime

In a stunning defeat for the backwater cousin-humpers of Alabama, the United States Supreme Court unanimously ruled Monday that the state's Supreme Court sure is dumb at reading the Constitution. The case stems from a nice lesbian couple in Georgia...
That's probably what fucked his brain up so bad.

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore Rubbing His Judicial Wang All Over Gay Marriage Again

Alabama's Supreme Court Bubba Justice-In-Chief Roy Moore woke up on the wrong side of history again this morning. Again, oh my god yes again, and MONTHS after marriage equality became the law of the goddamned entire United States of America...
Legal in all 50 states since 2002, THANKS OBAMA.

Idiot Alabama Judge Thinks You Need A License To Do Buttsex

Wah wah wah, it's another elected official who's having his religious beliefs criminalized because the Supreme Court says he has to do a gay thing, SADFACE. This time it's a probate judge feller called Nick Williams, who serves the...
The threat is real.

Alabama Needs Time To Relax Sphincter For First Gay Marriaging

Alabama has officially joined the bandwagon of Sore Losers who refuse to believe the War on Marriage Equality is over, and the bigots did not win. The state's Supreme Court issued an order Monday, declaring that even though the United...
Jesus needs to fix everybody in this week's Top Ten.

Completely Real Coalition Of African-American Pastors To Give ‘MLK Award’ To Alabama’s Roy Moore

A group that calls itself the Coalition of African-American Pastors has finally found a freedom fighter worthy of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s legacy, and it is the holistically bigoted Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, he who has...