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New York Times Op-Ed: Young Men Shoot Children Because Women, Coloreds, Not Sufficiently Deferent

As you may or may not know, the New York Times is publishing a series of essays this week that purport to “examine the ethical, social and humanitarian implications of the use, possession and regulation of weapons.” It is...

University of Arizona Creating ‘Civility Institute’ To End Politics Forever

The University of Arizona has a website, where you can find out "more" about its academics. Like this: It lists two separate "Dance" departments, but only has a single, combined "French And Italian" department. Oh, and they also have...

The Ivory Tower: Ayn Rand in the 21st Century

Ayn Rand's Present Day Adventures continue in this, Episode V! In honor of this fifth weekiversary, we offer this very special chapter, which is pretty much just like all the previous episodes -- but more contemporary. Next Comic