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Trump Drug Czar Pick Pulls Out To Spend More Time With His Drug Lobby Money

Another Trump Administration appointee caught with his hand in the industry cookie jar? Color us amazed.

Your Weekly Top Ten Is NOT AN ANIMAL, OK?


What In Goshdarn Tarnation Is About To Drop In The Trump-Russia Investigation?

All the players seem BIGLY SPOOKED right now. Is shit about to go down?

The 58 Stupidest Cucking Things Steve Bannon Said On ’60 Minutes’

Does '60 Minutes' always interview people who had to go back to their high school jobs because they failed in the Big Boy World?

Irma Gives Trump A Sad. Wonkagenda For Mon., Sept. 11, 2017

Devin Nunes is trying to hide the pee pee tape, the Tea Party doesn't want to help hurricane victims, and George Clooney HATES Steve Bannon. Your morning news brief.

Alex Jones Sued By Greek Yogurt

Now if we can convince Alex Jones the barbecue sauce is out to get him...

Do Not Ridicule That Lady Who Regrets Voting For Trump

We need all the help we can get to stop Trump, y'all. Let's not be total dicks!
Sen. Blutarsky has not commented on the bill

Badass Barbara Boxer Sh*ts On Electoral College, Just Because It Keeps Picking The Loser

And next, we adopt the Metric System!
Bears repeating

California Not Down With Trump’s Plan Of ‘First I’ll Come For The Immigrants’

The Treasure of the Chinga Su Madre.

Trump’s Crappy Cabinet. Yr Wonkagenda: Monday, November 14, 2016

Trump's stocking his cabinet, just how lame our "lame duck" congress is, and the Berner's are back. Your daily news brief!

Donald Trump And Ventriloquist’s Dummy Appear On ’60 Minutes’

Donald Trump and Mike Pence sat down for an interview on "60 Minutes," and Trump even let Pence talk, a little bit.

Shirtless Russian On Horse Has Yoooge Boner For Donald Trump

Vladimir Putin knows of sexy, for he is sexiest man in all of universe. And he have opinion to share on American presidential election: It wasn't quite an endorsement, but Russian President Vladimir Putin has praised Donald Trump's talents and...

Maureen Dowd Is A Idiot, Says Joe Biden And Everyone Else

Remember that time The Media spent three months breathlessly BREAKING EXCLUSIVE!!! reporting rumors from anonymous sources that Joe Biden was totally going to run for president? And CNN humiliated itself (more, we mean, than usual) by openly begging the...
It's possible to slur whole categories of people without being a bigot, you know.

Donald Trump: Don’t Call My Bigot Supporters Bigots, You Bigot

Donald Trump has finally found someone he's willing to be nonjudgmental about. Unfortunately, it's that moron at his New Hampshire rally last week, the one who said America's top problem is Muslims, the President is a Muslim, and also...