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In last Sunday's episode, when Kim Cattrall's man-eating Samantha whipped off her wig after a post-chemo hot flash at a tony breast cancer fundraising dinner, it was a moment of liberation far more thrilling than all her high-end humping in Styles of the Times apartments. That said, I do find high-end humping in Style of the Times apartments quite liberating.
The East Side Manhattan restaurant Michael's is always crammed at lunchtime. . . Or that's what they tell me.
. . . with getting-up-there anchorwomen, sexily mature publishing babes and much-hotter-than-they-used-to-be public relations divas lunching all together at big, cackling roundtables.Cackling tables! Run away!
At these die-hard tables. . . It is futile to try to kill the laughing tables.

Girls' Night Out: The True Joy of 'Sex' [WP]