House Dems Finally Growing A Pair? ABOUT FUCKING TIME!

Trump administration trying to bury info on hotel payments from the government? SO WEIRD!

Who The Hell Is Sean Hannity’s New Fake-News Boyfriend ‘Kim Dotcom’?

Hey, who's this guy, you vaguely wondered. Well, there's a lot not to like! Plus an OPEN THREAD!

Trump’s Golden Palace Needs To Protect Its Dick Pics Better

All dick pics are belong to creepy hackers. Thanks, Trump!


Sweet, savory, acidic AND piquant, all at the same time? That's a mighty tasty raft!

Rep. Who Voted To Repeal Obamacare Tries To ‘Jimmy Kimmel’s Baby’ Her Son. NOPE.

Don't worry, Rep. McMorris Rodgers, YOUR son will be fine!

Let’s Lock Up Pregnant Women To Protect Babies! USA! USA!

But are pregnant women even people?

Donald Trump Kicks Shit With Weird Scary Losers At NRA

A loser speech, delivered to losers, by a loser.

Can Trump Put Sinister Albino Julian Assange IN SPY JAIL? A Lawquestioner!

Trump administration says it's going to prosecute Assange. Can they do that? SHRUG EMOTICON!

Deleted Comments: If Gravity Is Real, Why Can We Jump, Smart Guy?

Time may not be a flat circle, but Earth definitely is. Or maybe a triangle.
As Southern as Robert E. Lee & Stonewall Jackson shaking hands with Jefferson Davis in front of a Rebel flag in a cotton field. Except, y'know, without the hate and bigotry. Or the slavery

These Shrimp & Grits The Best Thing You’ll Ever Put In Your Mouth? PROBABLY!

Happy Easter, for those who celebrate it, whether as the Festival of Zombie Christ, or in accordance with earlier traditions! For those who don't, Happy Weekend! To those who do neither Easter nor Weekends, uh, Hi? I hope your...

Gayness No Longer A (Legal) Firing Offense? Holy Shit, It’s Nice Time!

Is there anything good at all happening in our Trumpian hellscape dystopia? OMG, there actually IS!
Sinuses: CLEARED!

Taste Of Home: Spicy Syrian Style Chicken Thighs

Something familiar, comforting, spiced with tears of rage.
Good for both your belly and your brain.

Beer Battered Fish For Your Bigly Battered Brain

Gotta keep your brain strong to deal with this crazy.