what the fresh prince did at home

PA Governor Tom Wolf Tells The GOP Mapfuckers To Get Fucked

Gerrymandering! Have we mentioned this stuff is BAD?

Here Is What’s Going On With Stupid #MEMOGATE, Part Eleventy Million

Donald Trump LOVED the Nunes Memo! The Democrats' Rebuttal ... yeah, not so much.

Trump Administration Fuckers Fucking All The Things

Please don't run screaming. There's too much to do.

The GOP Phones A Friend: ‘Hey, Justice Alito! Wanna Help Us Steal Some More Elections?’

The GOP just wants to steal one or two more elections. IS THAT SO WRONG?

‘Reopen The Government’ Just Another Word For ‘Fuck With The ACA Some More’

Why just fund the government for three weeks when you can also tinker with some tax cuts, too?

Counterpoint: Maybe Chuck Schumer ISN’T A Fucking Asshole Weakling That We Hate?

No, but seriously! WTF just happened with the shutdown?

Shep Smith Unites America In Laughter At Ted Cruz’s Lying Dickface

Ted Cruz IS the Memory Hole. And another kind, too.

White House Counsel Don McGahn: In Deep Shit, Or A Shit Sharknado?

How you livin', Don McGahn?

DOJ Cooks Up Racist Bullshit Burger To Prove All Foreigns Are Terrorists

There are lies, damn lies, and statistics. Then there's this report, which is racist nonsense.

Hawaii’s Nuclear Alert System Did A Silly Thing, Uh-Oh

Hawaii? Has to be Obama's fault somehow.

Cost Of CHIP Really A Bargain. Especially Compared To Price Of 9 Million Tiny Caskets.

It's A Festivus miracle! Actually, it's more of a Festivus not-entirely-a-tragedy!

Guy Starting Work At 1:30 PM Today Wants Medicaid Poors To Get Off Their Fat Asses

Everything about work requirements for Medicaid is terrible -- and most Medicaid recipients ALREADY WORK.


So, are the courts gonna fix this gerrymandering shit, or nah?