Hey Cleveland, Ready To Have A Drinky With Yr Wonkette This Sunday? Yes, You Are!

Also, we still need a place to stay in Cleveland. Do not make us pay a million ameros for an AirBNB that does not exist, please.

Hillary Is Lady President Of The World Now, And We Are Going Home

For real, we are getting in the car and going back to Memphis.

Genteel Wonkers Of The Southern Persuasion, We Shall Be Upon Thee!

Richmond! Charlotte! Charleston! Atlanta! Memphis! And maybe Little Rock! Our Wonkette Winter Wonksicle Tour traveling caravan of utter nonsense is headed for you like a Cat One hurricane (yes, we know that's the smallest) that got downgraded to a...

COMEY TO AMERICA! Wonkagenda For Fri., June 9, 2017

The fallout of #ComeyDay, Republicans sneaking TrumpCare, and Kurt Eichenwald's tentacle porn. Your morning news brief.

You Know Who Else Bought You Beers And Sausages, San Francisco Bay Area?

San Francisco Bay Area, we have heard your soulful, soul-patched plaints, and have decided to march on you Saturday, Nov. 7, at the Rosamunde Sausage Factory and Beer Hall (Putsch). NO NOT A BEERHALL PUTSCH, we are just kidding,...

Fear And Loving In New Hampshire: Your Wonkebago Primary Wrap-Up!

It was supposed to be eight hours from our Pennsylvania rest stop to Nashua, New Hampshire. But 13 hours later, we were still driving, looping around looking for a freeway that wouldn't lop the top off our Wonkebago. We...

A Children’s Treasury Of 600 Cosplaying San Diegans Yelling At Darrell Issa And Trump!

Pro-Darrell Issa demonstration is four sad losers. Anti-Darrell Issa demonstration is 580 PATRIOTS IN COSTUME.

Genteel Racisms At The Virginia RV Park Waffle Bar

From 8:15 to 9 a.m., the Richmond, Virginia, RV park had a waffle bar! My husband sat on the bed and stroked my hip, murmuring of breakfast and coffee. I love him that much. I arose. We made friendly conversation...

God Expresses Displeasure With DNC By Drenching Philly With Completely Unreasonable Monsoon

But then we ate some fancy food and beer and watched Michelle Obama slay, so everything is OK now.

Iowa City, Chicago, Detroit: If You’d Known We Were Coming Would You Have Baked A Cake?

You know what is sad? Every time we go to Chicago, and you write to us a week later and say "hey, how come you never come to Chicago?" and then WE MURDER YOU, and your mother cries. Oh...

Gather Ye, Salt Lake City, Pocatello, And Helena Libs! We Got Some Celebrating To Do!

It's our last week of 'vacation,' LOL, and we're spending it in your heartland! Don't miss us!

Ask Wonkette Anything About Why We Are Doing A Reddit Ask Me Anything!

Remember a couple years back, when we got BANNED by REDDIT (/r/politics) for the crime of inserting a speculum into their vagina? Those were fun good times! I was all hey we are not crime? And they said no,...
The senator and the trivia question answer.

You Got Your Seattle Drinky Thing In My Senate Sunday! Two Great Tastes, Etc., Etc

They probably won't be up past midnight counting the U.S. Senate ballots in Washington, is what we're saying.

Oh Hey, Ed Rendell

Wonket made another new friend.

Your Gentle Monthly Reminder To PONY THE FUCK UP TO YR WONKETTE, SONS

COME AND GET YOUR YELLING-AT! Don't forget your wallet!