Hello, Los Angeles. Won’t You Buy A Girl And Her Husband And Her Official Wonkette Baby A Drink?

Los Angeles, we are to home to you! Currently? Overnighting in an alley behind Wonker Paula's Burbank craft-soap factory, and life couldn't be sweeter! (Or more clean.) Tonight you will come and sing sweet songs of home with us...

I Feel Much Better Now, Thank You! By Me, Your Editrix

Oh Terrible Ones, how sorry I am to have been overwrought at you yesterday, but everything was awful! I was thousands of dollars short to pay Dok and Evan -- and mama keeps her ducks in a row and...

San Diego, Come Be Dead With Us, TODAY (Sunday)

WELL! It has been a journey like we are on The Bachelor and people won't shut up about "the journey" this and "the journey" that and oh my god you wouldn't know a hero's journey if it killed your...

Attention NorCal, It Is Your Turn To Get Wonkette Beach Bum World Toured 2017!!!

It's the weekend! It's Yr Wonkette Drinky Thing! It's your open thread!

Yr Wonkette Would Like To Get The Hell Out Of Pennsyltucky Now

beat it, poors

What’s Up With All These Dumb Gross Ads At Yr Wonkette Dot Com? A Wonksplainer

Wonkers! There you are, just trying to read your dick jokes in peace, and some fucking thing keeps looping and crashing your browser. Or there's a fucking poll that sounds like it was written by Steven Crowder (it probably...

Iowa Wonkers, Come Pre-Game The Caucuses With Your Beloved Wonkette!

Achtung and hey there, Iowa Wonkers! Come join your editrix, her sessy husband, and her heiress baby on Sunday, Jan. 31, the afternoon before the caucuses, and let us ram and cram beer or a soft drink down your...

Hey Cleveland, Ready To Have A Drinky With Yr Wonkette This Sunday? Yes, You Are!

Also, we still need a place to stay in Cleveland. Do not make us pay a million ameros for an AirBNB that does not exist, please.

Come Get Noisy In Boise (Those DON’T Rhyme)! It’s A Wonkette Drinky Thing!

It's time for drinks and conversation in Boise, Idaho!

Wonkers With Businesses, Haw Haw Haw As If, Come And Advertise On Your Wonkette!

Are You A Jerb-Creating Businesswoman Entrepreneur Friend Of Wonkette? Man, You Must Be Awesome Are you a Wonker with a business haw haw as if, tell it on your OBAMAPHONE! Or if the answer is yes, and you are a...



Very Nice Lawyers Cease-And-Desisting The Hell Out Of Our Bernie Sanders Shirts. Buy Yours Now Or Never!

Last week, we got a nice note full of nonsense from a lawyer at Universal who claimed that our Bernie For The Future shirt, in which the role of Doc Brown is portrayed by a certain Socialist senator from...

Oregon Hippies And Punx, See Us In Bend Tuesday Night!

Beer and pizza, pizza and beer.