RNC Chair Reince Priebus

North Carolina GOP Throws Hilarious Tantrum Over NCAA Being Nice To Transgender Peeps

The NCAA has pulled championship games out of North Carolina, citing the state's godawful and discriminatory HB2 law. UNFAIR!

Will Sportsball Hero Tim Tebow Someday Be First Virgin Dork President Of America?

Tim Tebow is known for two things, mainly. He loves Jesus so hard, in the manliest way possible, and he refuses to put his dick inside the endzones of either ladies or gentlemen. Like, he is so great at virginity...
And yes, the coaches walked out too. Impressive.

Sportsballers Force Mizzou President Out, Ending Racism Forever (If It Ever Existed)

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed college sportsball players can change the world. In response to protests over his inaction following a number of racist incidents, University of Missouri president Tim Wolfe resigned Monday morning. While he hadn't...
Stop fooling around, JIMMY!

Barack Obama To Sportsball Guy: Take My Wife, Please!

Barack Obama, world president, sat down with some sportsball guy and they totally bro-ed down on some sportsball things, about which we do not care. But included in their amiable chatting and hale-fellow-well-met, were a couple of sparkling gems...
I'm really more of a Rams fan...

Brave Christian Football Coach Suspended, Can Spend All Day Talking With God Now

The Great Jesus Sportsball War continues in Washington, where Bremerton High School administrators have placed assistant football coach Joe Kennedy on paid administrative leave for ignoring multiple requests that he stop leading players in prayer at the 50-yard line...

Michael Phelps And His Fiancée Have A Gigantic Fight

Hey, this totally could have happened, you don't know.

Guess Donald Trump Thinks Chicago Cubs Can Eff Right Off

To be fair, maybe the only reason Trump has failed to congratulate the Cubs is that he's classless trash.

Barack Obama Mentors Basketball Person Steph Curry In Sexxxy Sportstime Nice Time Video

Steph Curry, are you aware of him? He is basically the most incredible basketball player alive and if you are a fan of the Sport Of Hoops, this makes you either love him or hate him (or both). Like...
Easy on the eyes, just saying.

Sexxxy Green Bay Packers Quarterback Tells Refugee Haters To Eat Astroturf

The past few days have been sad and disheartening. We began the weekend mourning with our friends in Paris in the aftermath of terrorist attacks meant to, well, terrorize. And then many of our own American citizens, including Republican...
"Dear Mr. Trump. We at the NFL urge you not to get in our way.' There, that should do it

Donald Trump’s Debate Prep Strategy Mostly Involves Prepping To Weasel Out Of Debating

Donald Trump didn't just spend the weekend beating up on the family of a war hero, oh, heavens no! The man is a master of multi-weaseling, as he demonstrated in his Sunday interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC's "This...
Drop Kick Me Jesus

Brave Christian Football Coach Eated By Lions

A high school assistant sportsball coach in Bremerton, Washington, had a nice chat with the Almighty, who told him that, despite orders to cut it out, he needs to keep praying on the 50-yard line following every game, because...

Trump’s Inner Circle Now A Firing Squad. Yr Wonkagenda: Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Rudy Giuliani's dirty, filthy money, Ben Carson admits he's A Idiot, and Steve Bannon kind of hates Jews. Your daily news brief.