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Our Friends At Penzeys To Paul Ryan: You’ve Got To Be Kind!

Obamacare stories AND stuffed lamb meatballs? Thanks, friends at Penzeys!
You'll be getting real solar power, not just a stock photo!

Go Solar For Christmas, Even If You Live In A Cave! It’s A FESTIVUS MIRACLE!

Here comes the sun -- and you can harness its mighty power!

Are You Reading Political Wire? No? What’s Wrong With You? Are You A Loser? (A Sponsored Post)

Where do the media elites go for the 'inside scoop' on political intrigue? Wouldn't YOU like to know!

Now Is The Time For All Good Wonkers To Come To The Aid Of Our Dick Jokes

Hello there, beautiful wonderful Wonkers we love! You are looking very intelligent today! Is that a new sweater? We need money.
beat it, poors

What’s Up With All These Dumb Gross Ads At Yr Wonkette Dot Com? A Wonksplainer

Wonkers! There you are, just trying to read your dick jokes in peace, and some fucking thing keeps looping and crashing your browser. Or there's a fucking poll that sounds like it was written by Steven Crowder (it probably...
Why isn't Mercedes sponsoring wind farms? The branding is right there!

Switch To Clean Energy, Help The Earth And Your Wonkette All At Once With One Non-Weird Trick

Here's a company that's using the good ol' free market to expand the reach of clean wind power. You want to save the planet, don't you?

Oh Whoops We Just Forced You To Buy This Shirt Of Hillary Clinton Cutting Off Trump’s Head

Do you know the story of Judith and Holofernes? Judith was a rad Jewish woman, and Holofernes was a ... Roman? general who wanted to rape her. She was like "cool, Holofernes, I will just come to your tent...

Would You Like Wonkette In Your Box Every Morning?

How long has it been since you examined your box? Do you like to examine it in the morning, when the sunlight hits it just right? When you examine your box, tell us, is Wonkette in it? Send a...
Truck Fump never looked so good

Truck Fump! Truck Him Right In His Ear!

Do you, like all sentient beings on the planet, have a violently strong distaste for presidential candidate Donald J. Trump (nee Drumpf)? Of course you do! Do you, like so very many others, feel the need to express your feelings...

The 2016 Wonkette Winter Wonksicle Tour, By The Numbers

Six weeks, 6,000 miles, and one illegal search and seizure later, the Wonkebago has turned back into our Montana driveway, and we're NEVER EVER EVER LEAVING AGAIN, until July. What's that, you want to give us some money? That...

Well I Guess We Have To Make You This ‘Election Game Of US America Elections: The Game’ Now

Oh you Wonkers, with the way you shower us with love in the form of hard cash! You are so very nice to us!! You give us driveways to park our Wonkebago in, and you send us love notes,...
Is that gorgeous unit a penis pump for YOUR UNIT? Why yes, it is!

Wonkette Dick Jokes Now Officially Sponsored By These Nice Penis Pump Folks!

Oh hi, Wonkers. We are aroused to tell you about some product offerings from one of our new friends, L.A. Pump. Yes, they are penis pumps and pussy pumps and clit pumps, and we know what you are thinking:...

The State Of The Wonkette Union Is ‘Grifty’

Friends, Wonkers, perverts, lend us your danglies and your girl-danglies, and also listen up, sons (and girl-sons)! We come before you today to tell you that in 2015 you gave Wonkette $79,071 straight from your EBT cards, and that...

Bend Over, It’s Time To Cram Your Throat With A Piece Of Gay Marriage History!

Official Friend of Wonkette For Real Thom Kostura helped you put a homosexxican ring on your beloved's finger -- what else you put a ring on is protected by Lawrence v. Texas -- and he also can help you...

How Do You Find Medical Marijuana In Faraway Lands? There’s A Website For That!

Greetings Wonkerinos, we bring you glad tidings of great joy, and also legal medical marijuana, which, SCIENCE FACT, is a thing, at least in certain parts of the country! But what happens if you are, say, a human creature...

A Review Of ‘The Enthusiast,’ Josh Fruhlinger’s Non-Violent Book Partially About Cartoons, By Josh Fruhlinger

Hello cheery Wonkette people! It is I, Josh Fruhlinger, whom you may vaguely remember as the guy who used to make fun of political cartoons around here, and also do regular (?) blogging as well, before I abandoned you....