If Donald Trump Says 3 + 1 = 5, Then 3 + 1 = 5

The math teachers LOVE Trump.
This child can't stand Maureen Dowd either

Wonkagenda: Wednesday, September 7, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!
It's like he's a genius, only the opposite of that.

Smart Donald Trump Picks Perfect Moment To Seek Legal Vengeance For Staffers’ Sex Affair Story

With days to go before the GOP convention, Donald Trump picked the perfect time to sue a former staffer to shut him up about a sex affair between senior staffers. Wait, a SEX AFFAIR BETWEEN SENIOR STAFFERS?
There's still hope for you, Anna.

Anna Duggar Pretty Sure Jesus Will Keep It In Josh’s Pants From Now On

The Duggars are back on television, hooray and hurrah and Christmas is ruined now. Sunday night brought the second installment of "Duggars After Dark: Bonin' On," which in science fact is called "Jill And Jessa: Counting On." And Mrs....

Colorado Town Shocked To Discover Teens Do Sexytime, Even In Colorado

Turns out kids these days, like kids in those days and the days before that too, do sex things, to themselves and to each other. Even in small, wholesome towns where teenagers are still cursed with hormones and interests and...
Your polling data, M'sieur Trump

Donald Trump’s Suit Against Ex-Staffer Looking Even Smarter, If That Were Possible

Would you believe the Trump campaign might not follow campaign finance laws exactly to the letter? Yes, we are astonished at these allegations, too.

Alabama Governor Didn’t Bone That Lady, Sexism Boned That Lady!

Oh great, now it's time to hear from the woman Republican Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley DID NOT have physical relations with. Honest! He may have penis-lusted after her in his brain, but he did not brain-lust her with his...

Tired Of Live Babies Getting Stabbed To Death After Abortions? READ THIS!

Sen. Ben Sasse and nutbag anti-abortion activist Jill Stanek's 'Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act' will make a thing illegal that is actually already illegal.

Josh Duggar Not Sorry Satan Used His Jesus Peener For Evil

Josh reportedly believes "external forces" caused him to molest his family and bang porn stars. OK.
Let us also assume you're running for Congress. Ah, but I repeat myself.

Obscure Congressional Candidate Shares Porn Habits With World, Finally Gets Noticed

Mike Webb will find the real porners if it's the last thing he does. Also, is definitely not crazy.

Is This Barack Obama’s Giant Boner? Sure, Why Not

Oh, so you wouldn't mind seeing Obama's ding-dong but Trump's would gross you out? DOUBLE STANDARD! But we get it.

Creationist Homeschool Mom So Oppressed By Porn-Loving Librarians She Wrote A Book About It!

Creationist homeschooling mom Megan Fox, best known for being mad at dinosaurs at The Field Museum, has a book now.

Red Pill Founder Takes The ‘Not Gonna Be A New Hampshire State Rep’ Pill

Infamous misogynist and New Hampshire state Rep. Robert Fisher has resigned to spend more time with his perjury charges.
Get him, Olivia!

DVR Alert! NBC To Air ‘Law & Order: Duggar Fingers Unit’ This Fall

You knew it was coming, even if you hadn't thought about it. No, not another revelation about Josh Duggar playing Hey Diddle Diddle with his fingers inside another porn star! (Those will come soon, we are sure, but not...

Dear Jesus, What A Year 2015 Was! A Letter From Michelle Duggar

Dear friends, family, fellow sidehuggers, and Jesus: OHHHHHHHH! WHAT A YEAR THE DUGGARS HAVE HAD! We have been walking strong in the Lord, but sometimes He just throws you a curveball you weren't expecting! For instance, did you know that the...