She thought her question was maybe "too motherly."

Washington Republican Asks Teens How Much Dick They’re Getting, Totally Normal

Washington state Rep. Mary Dye sounds just like our mommy, and your mommy, and all of U.S. America's mommy. She makes apple pie and gives good advice and leans in real close and says things like, "HEY CHAMP. GETTIN'...
Go nuts

Fox News Sent A Spy Lady Out On Dates With Reporters, Like An Old-Timey Honeypot

Gross old Roger Ailes ran a dating service, only it was actually more like a spy ring. Our lack of surprise is palpable.
Texas: Not Spongeworthy

Congratulations, Texas! Abortion Laws To Keep Women Safe Doing Opposite Of That

Here's a little something to file under "unintended consequences" (maybe): We already knew that Texas's terrible 2013 abortion law, HB2, which placed strict new regulations on clinics that perform abortions, caused a lot of clinics to close. Hooray for...

Jared Fogle Decides He’s Sovereign Citizen, So He Gets Out Of Prison Now, Right? [Updated]

Subway's Jared lost a lot of weight, gained a lot of prison time, and lost an appeal. These yo-yo diets can't be healthy.
I'll just be a minute here. Be right back.

Chris Matthews Can’t Stop Staring At Melania Trump, Will Be In His Bunk

You'd think maybe Chris Matthews has been in the teevee journamalism business long enough to know he should assume every microphone is live, but he forgot that little axiom Tuesday night during MSNBC's election coverage, treating viewers to...

Red Pill Founder Takes The ‘Not Gonna Be A New Hampshire State Rep’ Pill

Infamous misogynist and New Hampshire state Rep. Robert Fisher has resigned to spend more time with his perjury charges.

Shrieking Meth-Banshee Michelle Malkin Makes Angry List Of All The Boobies She’s Seen Lately

Just one more thing on which insane rage monkey Michelle Malkin and poised, calm, lovely and boob-positive Wonkette part ways.

You Guys, I Think We Are Going To Have To Pucker Up And Kiss Donald Trump’s Fat Bulgy Ass

How can we use our feminine wiles to NOT get thrown into the gulag?

Trump’s Kids Want MORE. Yr Wonkagenda: Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trump's kids want security clearances, Canadians want butt stuff, and ONE more Senate race! Your daily news brief.

Trump And Gingrich Totally Understand Women, Just Like Beloved Monarch Henry VIII

No one understood women like Henry VIII, that is for sure. Except maybe Ted Bundy!

New York Times To Donald Trump: Disgusting Serial Sex-Assaulter Says What?

In New York Times lawsuit threat, Trump forgets to pick on someone smaller than he is. Whoops!

2015: The Year Gay Became Mandatory And All The Christians Got Holocausted

If you are a filthy homosexual, 2015 was your year. If you are Kim Davis, or somebody like her, you are not reading this, because you have been martyred for your Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs, so much sadface. Let's look...
These ladies apparently.

Mean Tinder App Won’t Let Everybody #FeelTheBern, In Their Pants

OH GOLLY GEE HIP HOORAY, we think we found a story about the Democratic primary that will NOT make anybody weep and wail and gnash their teeths and beat their breasteses and helicopter their peeners in anger all over...

Trump All GRRRR At Black People, For A Change. Wonkagenda For Mon., Sept. 25, 2017

Sportsball ruined forever, Merkel holds on, and Peggy Noonan ponders peace through Trump. Your morning news brief.