How am I supposed to be a good person with that nickname?

Michael Cohen: I AM NOT A CROOK!

We'll presume Cohen's tapes have far fewer anti-Semitic rants. Probably.

Big News Day For Tucker Carlson, Obvs

Pandas might kill us all. Cell phones, too. Tucker Carlson has seen some shit, man.

Donald Trump Having A VERY Bad Day. Wonkagenda For Tues., April 10, 2018


Idaho GOP Hopeful Thrilled By Prospect Of Executing All The Abortion-Havers

We are informed that this is now the super normal mainstream Republican position.

Donald Trump Bones Own Stormy Daniels Case, Without Prophylactic

What Donald Trump doesn't know would fill several books. Or a very interesting deposition.

Goodbye, Kevin Williamson! You Are Fired From The Atlantic Now! Goodbye!

The Atlantic decides wanting to kill women who have abortions is a fireable offense after all!

Nobody Told Us The Surgeon General Was SO EFFING HOT

A shallow blog post about a very serious topic!

We Regret To Inform You There Is More News About Donald Trump Jr.’s Rambunctious Penis

Trigger warning for DONALD TRUMP JR.'S PENIS AGAIN.

The Two Best Times Stormy Daniels’s Lawyer Was SO FUCKIN’ HOT The Past 24 Hours, Because We Only Saw Him On TV Twice

Miiiiichael Avenattttttttttttttttti. It's pronounced like Jooooordan Catalaaaaaaaaaaano.

Donald Trump’s Daily Dicks ‘N’ Lawyers Roundup!

Who can resist him, amirite?

That Is Not What ‘Lovesick’ Is

It is not a coincidence that the people who face the least amount of injustice are the ones who can't handle it when things don't go their way.