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Raise Less Corn, More Hell

Everything your mother should have taught you, and that mine did. Happy Mother's Day, sweetlings!

Hollywood Conservative Stacey Dash Being Not At All Grossly Transphobic And Sexist Again

Also, she wishes we could go back to Mad Men times, when things were definitely good for both women and black people.

Rep. Steve King Will Stop Lady-Hating Racists From Putting Harriet Tubman On $20

Rep. Steve King is just not ready for this kind of change.
Catholic mothers suffer the most. True fact.

Sundays With The Christianists: The Day My Idiot Brother Brought Salvation To Flagstaff, Arizona

This post originated with an offhand comment in the Wonkette Sekrit Chat Cave; we were talking about one of those nice evangelical stunts to "help" sinners by telling them, in gory detail, precisely how hellbound they are, out of...
Non-Sex-Having Man Wearing Dress Wants To Lecture You On Sexual Norms

Illinois Bishop Has Godly Plan To Keep Gay Cooties Out Of Schools

In an attempt to clamp down on all the rampant sin in Springfield, Illinois, the local Catholic diocese is planning to rid its schools of the offspring of homosexxxicans. Also, for the sake of insisting that they're not bigots,...
We don't know if he's serious or just taking the piss.

Todd Starnes Has Pee On His Mind Again

Fox News professional victim and suspected pee enthusiast Todd Starnes fears the government will pry a urinal from his cold dead hands.

‘She Was Warned.’ Wonkagenda For Wed., Feb. 8, 2017

Elizabeth Warren won't sit down, Jake Tapper gets snippy with Kellyanne Conway, and Betsy DeVos will shove your kids full of Jesus. Your morning news brief!

Peggy Noonan Will Slur Through Her Prayers If She Wants To, Jerks!

Another Thanksgiving had come and gone for Sister Peggy Noonan of the Order of the Absinthe Brain Fog, and she could not have been more grateful. At least what she could remember of it. There had been a relative’s...

If Only There Were Some Sort Of ‘Affordable’ ‘Care’ For Canned Racist Breitbart Writer

Guess Breitbart has gone Politically Correct now.

Christian College Officially No Longer Has To Deal With Gross Professor Who’s Nice To Muslims

Time for an Official Wonkette update on a story we brought you weeks back, about a political science professor from Illinois's Wheaton College, Larycia Hawkins, and her nasty proclivity for acting like Muslims are not only human beings, but also...

Pastor Fears ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Is Slippery Slope To Co-Ed Naked Lady Bison Orgies

Kevin Swanson will NOT be welcoming our bison-human hybrid overlords!

What, Exactly, Does The GOP Plan To Do About All The Babies They Want To Force Us To Have?

Defunding Planned Parenthood and making abortion illegal are about as fiscally irresponsible as you can get.
Not an abortion

Tennessee Pastor Knows You’d Be Real Sad Right Now If You Were An Abortion

Pastor Ben Bailey of Tennessee's Gospel Of Christ Ministries is glad to be with us today, and glad not to be an abortion, so he can Jesus-splain how sad we'd be if we were an abortion. This is like one of...

Idaho Lunatics Pretty Sure Proposed Community College Will Spread Book-Larnin’, SHARIA LAW

Not only are community colleges tyrannical, they might attract hordes of Muslims who'll do 'weird stuff.'