Gary Larson did it better. But Trump IS a vulture...

Donald Trump Just Wondering If Hillary Is A Muslim Or What. You Know, Like Her Girlfriend Maybe.

Donald Trump is questioning Hillary Clinton's faith. And her commitment to Sparkle Motion.
On the up side, he never said 'Molotov'

Sorry, Jeb Bush Is Not The Savior Of The Jews

Jeb! Bush got caught stretching the truth just a teensy bit on his campaign website, claiming that he helped to organize a secret mission that saved thousands of Ethiopian Jews in the early ’80s. It's a heartwarming story of...

Breaking! Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal Kicks Gay-Hatin’ Wingnuts Right In Their Tiddlywinks

BREAKING NEWS, a wingnut governor is not being totally awful! Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal -- a Republican -- announced in a presser Monday morning, the very day after our risen Christ done rosed again, that he will veto Georgia House...
Don't coup me, bro

What The F*ck Is Going On In Turkey? A Wonksplainer!

The F*ck-Tussle in Turkey: No matter how it turned out, it was going to be Obama's fault.
Who needs notes? Not Donald Trump

Donald Trump Airs His Grievances: The Media (Who Are Probably Jooz)

Donald Trump would like to tell you a thing he knows about the Jews.

Franklin Graham Thinks We’re Gonna Shoot His Followers For Being Bigots, Like We Have Time For That

Franklin Graham tells his followers they may have to 'take a bullet' for their transphobic beliefs.

Your Aborted Baby Will Go To Heaven And Play Harps For Huggy Jesus

It must have been tough to make fun of televangelists on the regular back in the day. You could probably only watch three or four of them a weekend, tops, before you'd get blackout drunk or blow your brains...
Not the stabber.

Mike Huckabee Agrees: Slavery Is Pretty Dadgum Cool!

Mike Huckabee has not met an immoral, racist, homophobic, disgusting opinion he doesn't at least SOMEWHAT agree with. Hell, let's do this rapid fire: Syrian refugees are probably just whiners who want America's sweet, sweet Comcast; if the Supreme Court's decision on gay...

No More Arranged Marriage Camp 4 Christian Teenz, 12-Year-Old Spinsters Weep

The Salvation Army refuses to host wholesome retreat after internet backlash.

Georgia Congressman Who Prayed For Gays To Die Not Sorry About That

Congressman Rick W. Allen is a bad person.
This is easily the most animated he's been in months

Ben Carson: Bible Proves He’s Ready To Be President Of Noah’s Ark

GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben "The Sleepy Potato" Carson was pretty busy in Colorado Thursday. In addition to his brave "softball questions only" demand for future primary debates, he also delivered a version of his stump speech at Colorado Christian University,...

Aryan Bigot Twins Wish Gay Agenda Would Stop Having Sex With Them

Oh, it is tough, so tough, and hard, so rock hard, when you are a pair of strapping, blond identical twins who spend your lives looking extremely homoerotic while trying to feebly fight the gay agenda. Yes, we are...


Did we mention we DAMN WELL TOLD YOU SO?

Fox News Has Thoughts On Kim Davis. They Are Strangely Interesting Thoughts!

So, the other day, we showed you a video of a nice panel discussion on the Fox News, about how Kentucky clerk Kim Davis's lawyer Mat Staver is "ridiculously stupid," and we remarked that when a wingnut has lost...

Lady With Boner About College Paper Sex Column For Montana Supreme Court!

Should I vote for Kristen Juras? Do I hate gay marriage and sex? Then probably yes!
GRRRRRRR, this woman again.

Kim Davis: Maybe The Appeals Court Will Feel Bad About My Gay Butthurts?

Oh gosh, big news in the Kim Davis case, folks! Having had their asses handed to them multiple times by District Court Judge David Bunning, the fine holy rolling jizzbrains at Liberty Counsel have decided to lead their client...