The pope has changed my life!

Here Are A Bunch Of Pictures Of John Boehner Crying Alcoholic Tears On The Pope

Everybody knows two things about John Boehner. For one, he cries SO MUCH. Like all the time, about any old fucking thing. Eyelash in his hoo-ha? TEARS. Something about Australia? BOO HOO! Nancy Pelosi said a mean to him? Gonna...

Donald Trump Thinks Barack Obama Is An Actual Muslim Terrorist, Better Nuke The White House

Trump's plan for fighting terrorism? Just saying the words 'Radical Islamic Terrorism' over and over again until it stops.
Surely no one who read the Bible would fight for the wrong side

Washington National Cathedral Removing Confederate Stain From Glass Windows

Washington National Cathedral will remove the Confederate battle flag from two stained glass windows donated by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. It's about time they got off their glass.

Tennessee Legislators Love Bible, Hate Sex So Much

a href=""It's been a busy week for the Tennessee Legislature, which voted Monday to name the Holy Bible the state's "official book," so it can join the official gun (.50 cal Barrett sniper rifle, manufactured in the state), official...
That might explain a lot, actually

Trump’s Top Christian Dude Stopped A Tsunami By Yelling At It One Time, No Lie

Donald Trump's "liaison on Christian policy," Frank Amedia, is a powerful man of God who does faith healings on TV (offscreen, at least), and kept the 2011 jJapanese tsunami from hurting anyone. In Hawaii.

Kellyanne Conway Knows Trump Died On Cross So You Might Have These Beautiful Easter Eggs

On this Easter Egg Roll Day, America should THANK DONALD AND MELANIA.
They're also keeping Texas safe from Yeti attacks

Armed Patriots Save Texas From Freedom Of Religion

A group of armed protesters stood around with guns and signs outside a mosque in Irving, Texas, Saturday to protect the Lone Star State from the imminent threats of sharia law and/or terrorism. After a few hours of making...

Trump Upstages Harvey In Texas. Wonkagenda for Wed., Aug. 30, 2017

Trump showboats in Texas, DeVoss hires DeVry, and Sarah Palin learns about the news. Your morning news brief!
Those gopher mole beaver creatures just want their religious freedom!

Georgia Republicans Want To Gay-Bang The Gays With Exciting New Religious Freedom Laws

People who love using cute sayings (like your mom) always say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. That's a good saying for this one dildo-wit Republican state senator...
And unto Felicia he said BYE

Pope Francis Declares War On Christmas

Another year, another exhibit of the supposedly (but is he, really?) Catholic Pope Francis forgetting the reason for the season: a plastic Jewish family and snowflakes on your coffee cups. In what has become his annual downer of an...

Wonkagenda: Tuesday, October 25, 2016

You have GOT to see these allegedly super crooked Trump PAC douchebags. They're *perfect*. Plus more in your Morning News Brief!
Sadly, no longer available for sale

Oh Look, Not-Joe The Not-Plumber Hasn’t Vanished Up His Own A**hole Yet

Remember that "Joe" the "Plumber" guy who was briefly a rightwing hero because, like Chauncey Gardiner, he was a simple man who spoke simple truths (Obama's a SOCIALIST and TAXES WILL CRUSH MY DREAMS)? Turns out that once you...
Not the stabber.

Mike Huckabee Agrees: Slavery Is Pretty Dadgum Cool!

Mike Huckabee has not met an immoral, racist, homophobic, disgusting opinion he doesn't at least SOMEWHAT agree with. Hell, let's do this rapid fire: Syrian refugees are probably just whiners who want America's sweet, sweet Comcast; if the Supreme Court's decision on gay...

Melania And Ivanka Trump Show The World What Feminine Power Looks Like

Oh Washington Post, we love you so much. Why you gotta do us like that?

Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton On French Terrorist Attack: Let’s Compare And Contrast

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both chatted with international terrorism expert Bill O'Reilly after Thursday's terrorist attack in France. One of them actually knows something about fighting terrorism.