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Great News, TLC’s Going To Let The Duggars Perv Up Our TV Screens Some More

Cool Story: After Josh Duggar admitted to fingerbanging his family back in the aughts; and after news came out that his parents did all they could to cover it up; and after TLC canceled the family's well-known reality show,...

Obamacare Only *Mostly* Dead! Wonkagenda For Fri., Feb. 3, 2017

Melon Trump's libel suit laughed out of court, Ivanka's pricy togs aren't selling, and Obamacare might not be dead, only *mostly* dead. Your morning news brief!

Vive le Résistance! Wonkagenda for Wed., Feb. 7, 2018

Trump wants a parade, Congress tries to avert ANOTHER shutdown, and Jesus is being selective with flu shots. Your morning news brief!

All Right, ‘Fox & Friends’ Idiots, Time For A F*cking Bible Lesson

They're just pretty sure? That Jesus? Was never a gross brown refugee child?
What gives? Not one of these people is a pony.

Deleted Comments: Why Is Hillary Clinton Cutting Off Donald Trump’s Head With Renaissance Art?

A rightwing website noticed our t-shirt, and decided it was politically incorrect.

Wonkagenda: Tuesday, October 25, 2016

You have GOT to see these allegedly super crooked Trump PAC douchebags. They're *perfect*. Plus more in your Morning News Brief!

Jerry Falwell Jr. Offers To Whip Out His Big Gun To Keep Us All Safe From Muslims

Is there anything that Liberty University -- Jerry Falwell's vanity project that endures, regrettably, long after his death -- is actually good at? We know it is comically bad at being a law school. We know it has only the remotest familiarity with actual science, choosing...

White House Wishes Everyone Would Be Good Christians Just Like Donald Trump

If you believe Donald Trump is a man of faith, you'll believe anything.
We finally realized what Scott Walker's dumb face reminds us of: MST3K's Joel Hodgson *pretending* to be a dipwad.

Scott Walker Doesn’t Think So Good, Hypothetically

Ladies and gentlemen, we would just like to apologize for all the times we've suggested that Scott Walker isn't very bright, because we finally understand where he's coming from. It's not that he's too stupid to answer questions like whether...

Daily Beast Finds Terroristy Name In Phone Book, Solves San Bernardino Case

It's not like none of us in journalism has ever shit the bed on a story before; it's rather a rite of passage. I once made a "dead gay son" joke without realizing Randall Terry's gay son actually was...
He's super pals with Mike Huckabee too!

Duggar Guru And Hobby Lobby BFF Bill Gothard Maybe A Rapist, No Big

Once upon a time, Josh Duggar was a little boy who had just fingerbanged a bunch of his kinfolk, and because he was very, very bad, his parents sent him off to "therapy" with a "family friend" in Little...
Actually, Texas isn't so big on the 'Thinking' either. Just sit there and don't make trouble, OK?

Texas Teen Builds Clock, Gets Arrested For ‘Bomb Hoax.’ Did We Mention He’s Muslim? Yeah.

An Irving, Texas, teenager who loves tinkering with electronics and computers learned an important lesson this week about the American values of hard work, individual initiative, and original thinking this week. And that lesson is that if you exhibit...