Ew gay.

Tennessee College Gets To Boot Pregnant Homos, Keep Its Precious Taxpayer Moneys

Carson-Newman University, a little Southern Baptist school in Jefferson City, Tennessee, ain't 'bout ta cotton to none 'a them queers and their pregnant slut friends. And yay, the federal government says it doesn't have to, even though it receives...

Hero Restaurant Manager Drops Mic Over Religious Pamphlets Left As Tips

Anyone who has ever been a server for any length of time has at one point or another been subjected to a religious tract in lieu of a tip. When you see what looks like a $20, only to...
GRRRRRRR, this woman again.

Kim Davis: Maybe The Appeals Court Will Feel Bad About My Gay Butthurts?

Oh gosh, big news in the Kim Davis case, folks! Having had their asses handed to them multiple times by District Court Judge David Bunning, the fine holy rolling jizzbrains at Liberty Counsel have decided to lead their client...
Don't expect a Wonkette review any time soon

Satanic Temple Sues For Woman’s Religious Freedom To Do Devil Abortions

You might recall that our very favorite First Amendment activist-trolls, the Satanic Temple, sued back in May for an exemption to Missouri's 72-hour waiting period for an abortion, putting the "logic" of the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision to...

Idaho Lawmaker Will Make Sure Kids Learn Science Directly From King James Bible

You know how stupid liberal science textbooks are. They're all, "Once upon a time there was nothing, but then the universe banged itself real hard, and then a bunch of atoms shot out and landed on earth and turned into...

All Right, ‘Fox & Friends’ Idiots, Time For A F*cking Bible Lesson

They're just pretty sure? That Jesus? Was never a gross brown refugee child?

Congress Votes To Crap Its Pants, Surrender To ISIS

In an inspiring act of defeatocrat cowardice, the House of Representatives voted Thursday to pass its emergency OH GOD NOT ANOTHER ORWELLIAN-NAMED BILL, the SAFE Act, to let ISIS know good job, guys, you're winning, keep up the good work! The...

After GQ Profile Of Melania Trump, Fans Send Writer Amusing Auschwitz Pics, Death Threats

So a couple days ago, GQ ran a profile of Melania Trump that portrayed her as a pretty smart woman (hinting that she's actually smarter than her husband) who's private, ambitious, and like Donald, astonishingly gifted at giving opaque...

James O’Keefe Wannabes Get So Many Felonies! Just Like James O’Keefe! Wonkagenda For Wed., March 29, 2017

Hillary went out last night to kick ass and wear leather; red states are beefing up Medicaid expansion now the black guy's gone; and Trump's hands too tiny and weak to throw out a sportsball 'first pitch,' whatever that might be. Your morning news!
Is anyone investigating whether Sweden was involved?

American Muslims Raise Money For Vandalized Jewish Cemetery. Just What Are They Up To???

American Muslims and American Jews seem to have a lot in common now that Donald Trump is making America Hate Again.

SkinnyCare Snaps Into Pieces. Wonkagenda For Fri., July 28, 2017

SkinnyCare fails, The Mooch gets mouthy, and the GOP tries dragging Hillary into Trump-Russia. Your morning news brief.
Spiritual armor tests very poorly against hollow point rounds

Cops Add ‘In God We Trust’ To Patrol Cars, Mostly To Piss Off Atheists

Thank goodness, America's Oppressed Christian Majority has found a new way to let the world know that, even if the mean old ACLU won't let them read the Bible all day over the public school intercom or teach the...
Sexytime Jesus Vacation

Uh Oh, Looks Like Dumb Duggar Kids Don’t Have Proper License To Win Souls For Jesus

Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband, Arranged Husband Dillard (his name is "Derick"), are supposedly missionaries in Central America. You remember -- we reported on how their Beliebers were all mad about how it sure LOOKS like they're using...
Things that aren't in his mouth right now: Semen lattes. Allegedly.

Nice Pastor Will Sell Church To Homos In Exchange For Butt Baby Love Offerings

Have you met this nice, totally normal pastor of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, James David Manning? He is the main dude of the Atlah Worldwide Ministries in Harlem, and his church is up for auction due to how...

Mike Huckabee Sad Everyone Hates Him So Much, Even Jesus

Oh, dear, it must be double super tough to be a "Mike Huckabee" these days! He can't pay his own campaign staffers, and he's noticed, suddenly all of a sudden, how everybody who's alive hates him, and also everybody...

Orlando Shooter’s Wife Maybe Knew All His Murderous Plans, So That’s Just Great

And Disney World? They were scoping out Disney World? What is even going on here?