Hollywood Conservative Stacey Dash Being Not At All Grossly Transphobic And Sexist Again

Also, she wishes we could go back to Mad Men times, when things were definitely good for both women and black people.

Come Get Your Jesus-Friendly Beatin’ Sticks For Your Babies! Or Don’t Do That.

Do you want 'To Train Up' a child, with a beatin' stick? No, because you ain't this shitheel.

After GQ Profile Of Melania Trump, Fans Send Writer Amusing Auschwitz Pics, Death Threats

So a couple days ago, GQ ran a profile of Melania Trump that portrayed her as a pretty smart woman (hinting that she's actually smarter than her husband) who's private, ambitious, and like Donald, astonishingly gifted at giving opaque...
Newsweek's gift to posterity

Deleted Comments: Like Your Master Obama, Wonkette Wants To Destroy America

So here's one heck of a surprise: Most of our deleted comments this week are about the Paris terrorist attacks, and the subsequent mass pants-soiling by Republican governors, Republican presidential candidates, and the truly rank Republican rank & file...
Maybe they shouldn't have taken the baby to Terminus, either

Oregon Couple Going To Jail For Killing Their Baby With Religious Freedom

After losing an appeal before the Oregon Supreme Court, an eastern a western Oregon couple is headed to prison for trying to "faith heal" their two-months-premature newborn son instead of taking him to a hospital in 2011. Dale and Shannon Hickman are...
We've seen that look before, and it was on Dana Carvey's face

Megyn Kelly Lets Kim Davis Yammer About Jebus For A While

Megyn Kelly treated Kim Davis, the Rowan County court clerk in Kentucky who won't issue marriage licenses for fear of getting sodomy all over her, to the full Fox News Exclusive Interview treatment Wednesday night. Kelly was in top...
In my Father's house there is much bling

Cost Of Megachurch Pastor’s Mansion Is God’s Little Secret

Meet Steven Furtick, pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has a mansion, but not a yacht (as far as we know). He likes the nice things God has sent his way, like a gift for preaching...
You can trust him, he's a doctor

Ben Carson Concerned About President Obama Inviting All These Muslim Terrorists To SOTU

The brilliant Dr. Ben Carson has a terrific new idea that is brilliant -- obviously, because the man's a genius -- and also it's like really articulate and stuff: "Let's go ahead and investigate the thing," he said. "Let's not be giving them...

Wonkagenda: Tuesday, October 25, 2016

You have GOT to see these allegedly super crooked Trump PAC douchebags. They're *perfect*. Plus more in your Morning News Brief!

TRUMPCARE Back From The Dead! Wonkagenda For Monday, Sept. 18, 2017

TrumpCare rides again, Trump's lawyers do a loud dumb-dumb, and the Emmys took a dump on Trump. Your morning news brief!

Creationist Ken Ham Cannot Believe The Washington Post Would Lie About Dinosaurs

Ken Ham is right for the first time ever in his whole life.

What, Exactly, Does The GOP Plan To Do About All The Babies They Want To Force Us To Have?

Defunding Planned Parenthood and making abortion illegal are about as fiscally irresponsible as you can get.
Hooray, an actual witch hunt!

Hindu Witch Lady Terrorizes Innocent Christians At Air Force Dental Clinic

  As we all know, the United States military is an all-evangelical Christian fighting force that's been under attack as of late, mostly by the homosexuals and the transgenders being allowed to do their gay-gender diddles in foxholes next to...

Nice Time! Refugee Rescue Group Comes To Aid Of Sea-Nazis After Their Hitlerboat Breaks Down

Jus' doin' good works for the Lord who loves all the little babies, including these jackass 'identitarian' ones. Also: your OPEN THREAD!