Post-Racial America

Yoooge with the black pastors.

Actual Black People Messing With Donald Trump’s YOOOGE Black Pastor Endorsements

You all know that Donald Trump only gets the very YOOOGEST, most classy endorsements, right? So when Trump says he is gonna be endorsed by black pastors, it means that he is going to have the sexiest most fantastic endorsement...
Winner: Best Deer in Headlights Look since Dan Quayle

Jeff Sessions Hearings Day Two Livestream! Headline Joke About Jeff Sessions And Pee To Come!

Sorry we didn't make you a livestream yesterday, we are moar better on it today!

Donald Trump Picked A Fight With Legislative Badass John Lewis. It Wasn’t His First Mistake

Donald Trump tweeted out a tantrum after John Lewis called said he was not legitimate.
The textbook definition of political courage. Or the complete opposite of that, whatevs.

Paul Ryan: Vote For The Racist!

In Trump World, everyone who criticizes Donald Trump's racist remarks is a racist, because that's "identity politics." In other news, massive seismic tremors have been reported at George Orwell's grave.
We're only doing this to get your attention

Racist Maine Gov. Paul LePage Decides It’s The Blacks Dealing Drugs After All

How incompetent is Paul LePage, the racist Hefty bag of bile and moose leavings who's somehow won two terms as Maine's governor? Apart from being so blessedly stupid that he mistakenly allowed a bunch of progressive legislation to become...

Miami Starbucks Trump Man Very Sorry … That The Black Barista Reverse-Racismed Him

Viral video Starbucks Trump man says he hadn't taken his meds and is sorry ... that the barista hates Trumpers and white people.

Wonkagenda: Friday, August 19, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW
Been a while. We missed this one.

Hillary Clinton Says True Thing About Trump Supporters, Everybody Horrified Or Something

If you are butthurt about Hillary calling Trump supporters a 'basket of deplorables,' you're probably one of the folks she was talking about!

Buzzfeed All Like ‘Ooooh We Have Ethics And Don’t Want Your Gross Trump Money’ Or Whatever

Wonkette will take all your lovely money, Reince Priebus. Give it to mama.
Bye, fucker!

New Orleans Kills Confederate Traitors All Over Again

Ever since the horrific murders in Charleston, South Carolina, of nine black churchgoers by a young radicalized white supremacist named Dylann Roof, civilized places throughout the great American South have been looking at their Confederate relics and deciding them's ugly and dumb....
The website has two full paragraphs explaining the 'significance' of this t-shirt.

Stupidest Man On Internet So Sad For Oppressed Wisconsin High School Racists

Five students in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, will be disciplined for shouting "Donald Trump! Build that wall!" (and allegedly other racial slurs) at black and Latina high school soccer players from visiting Beloit Memorial High School last week, and Jim Hoft,...

DC Restaurant Accidentally Hosts Nazi Buffoons, Tila Tequila, Gives All The Proceeds To These Nice Jews

This weekend, Maggiano's Little Italy in Washington D.C. found itself the unwitting host to a large group of members of a white nationalist think tank, the National Policy Institute, that had booked a reservation under another name. The group's stated...


Good luck, Puerto Rico. The president is a small bit distracted right now.

Trump White House Adds Black ESPN Lady Jemele Hill To Hit List, We Mean Shit List

Early draft obtained by Wonkette

Texas State Rep. Just Wants To Poll Muslims On How Terroristy They Are. Is That Wrong?

No wonder Texas loons weren't going insane about this last year. It's a biennial event.

Who Wants To Watch Frank Luntz’s Trump-Hatin’ Focus Group LOSE ITS SHIT? (ME! ME! I DO!)

Be like this awesome focus group, and #RESIST!