Post-Racial America

Trump All GRRRR At Black People, For A Change. Wonkagenda For Mon., Sept. 25, 2017

Sportsball ruined forever, Merkel holds on, and Peggy Noonan ponders peace through Trump. Your morning news brief.
Bet those kids can't wait to get back to the sun, sand, and occasional automatic weapons fire. Oh, and the rapes.

GOP Senator: Sure, Kids Deported To Honduras Might Die, But It’s So Pretty There

Remember how all those children were "invading" our southern border from Central America last year, and it was the greatest crisis America ever faced, until some guy in Texas had Ebola? Well it turns out that a lot of...

Bill O’Reilly Doubts Even Donald Trump Can Find Jobs For Dumb Tattooed Blacks

Who says conservative media outlets never ask Donald Trump the tough questions? On Fox's The O'Reilly Factor Monday night, host Bill O'Reilly interrupted Donald Trump's fantasy about solving all of America's race issues by "bringing jobs back from China"...
Death From Above is Magic

Ben Carson Has Cool Idea For Bombing Mexicans With Drones

Ben Carson may not know anything about actual policy or facts or boring details like how the Supreme Court works, but he's a real quick study when it comes to finding stuff that will excite rightwing supporters. And if...

Lying GOP Liar Brags About How Anti-Tim-Kaine Ad Evokes Willie Horton, Then Denies It, Is Liar

Rarely is the question asked: Is our GOP advertisements learning?

Donald Trump Weeping Crocodile Tears For ‘The Indians’ Hillary Clinton Offended

Meet Donald Trump, Social Justice Warrior

The Internet Is Telling White Men To Kill Black Men And ‘Sluts,’ And White Men Are Listening

White supremacist murderer James Jackson has views that are echoed throughout right-wing forums online, and we must start paying attention.
This screengrab is so mean, but why not?

John Kasich: Don’t Worry, I Leave Mexican Doctors A Little Tip Too!

Republican presidential candidate John "The Moderate One" Kasich raised the ire of yr Wonkette, and also probably all Latino voters who ever lived, by asserting last week that, unlike that Donald Trump character, he cherishes the Mexican Spanishes: “A lot of...
Nothing more patriotic than a flag-waving beaver shot

Homeschool Mom Protests ‘Muslim Indoctrination’ At School Her Kids Don’t Attend

A super-patriotic homeschooling Tennessee mom organized a protest Friday against what she was pretty sure is Islamic indoctrination of children in the public schools, although she pulled her own child out of the public school system last year because...
Just what we need: Dudebro fascists

Cuddly, Fresh-Faced White Supremacist Will Make Montana Great Again, Yes Siree

Oh great, now we've got millennial white supremacists. And in Montana, one's going to be an actual Republican nominee for the state legislature.

Wingnut Superlawyer Larry Klayman Sues All The Black People, For Being Scary And Mean

Have you been in an accident? On the job or in your car? Was that accident caused by black people mentioning that racism still exists?
It was right there on his hand the whole time.

Jeb Bush Becomes Black Voter

Oh Jebbers McJebberton Bush, you are just all over the place! You were a Hispanic voter, but then you distanced yourself from that and did whiteness again, and then you and your Mexican wife, Columba, rolled out a new Latino...

Hollywood Conservative Stacey Dash Being Not At All Grossly Transphobic And Sexist Again

Also, she wishes we could go back to Mad Men times, when things were definitely good for both women and black people.
My Sharia more

Oklahoma Spending All Its Natty Ice Money Investigating ‘Threat Of Islam.’ Yes, In Oklahoma

An Oklahoma legislator wants to spend taxpayer money to determine how big a threat radical Islamic terrorists pose to the Sooner State. 'Not Much.' There, now he can refund the state treasury.