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The Twelve Ways (LIKE APOSTLES!!!) We Are Persecuting Christians In The US of A

Idiot Mississippi governor is caterwauling about being 'crucified' again. Here are some of the many oppressions Christians in the US face.

Lesbian Superhero Houston Mayor Wants Gay Rights Ordinance Back Right Now, Dammit

Tuesday night, Houston took one giant leap backward for humankind, as the Jenny Jerkoffs who showed up to vote decided to listen to lying religious right mofos instead of their own good sense, and effectively killed the Houston Equal...
His legacy shredded.

New Louisiana Governor Will Fill Bobby Jindal’s Seat With So Much Gayness

Elections matter, y'all. With term-limited Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal leaving office to spend more time begging the Duck Dynasty guys to let him be one of their white friends, voters had a choice: Do we pick that nice gay-hatin'...

John Kasich Opposes D.C. Statehood Because, Ew, There Are Democrats There

For a country that was partly founded on the idea of opposing "taxation without representation," it's always been a tad odd that those who live in our very capital, the District of Columbia, pay taxes while being denied representation....

Rahm Emanuel Sorry Chicago Cops Keep Killing Black Guys. He Can Still Be Mayor?

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the most popular member of the Democratic Party after Joe Lieberman and Zell Miller, is having a rough time of it these days. Not as rough as all those black folks what keep getting all...

Topeka Councilman In Jail Just For Spanking His 16 Kids A Little On Their Bottoms, Probably

Jonathan Schumm, a city councilman in Topeka, Kansas, is in jail today, along with his wife, Allison Nicole Schumm, just for spanking their 16 kids a little, maybe. I mean, nobody but the DA, the cops, children's services, the...

GOP Congressdentist Very Mad CNN Reporting On This Crazy Nonsense He Made Up

We have found our newest idiot, and it is this ass.
You're cool with this now, right?

Utah Figures Abortions Too Safe And Easy For Ladies, Fixes That For Them

Utah seems like a terrible place. Oh, must we elaborate on that? Fine. Utah seems like a terrible place if you are a woman who has the misfortune of wanting to exercise your constitutional right to have a medical...

Sad Texas Bigots Can’t Even Pass A Bathroom Bill, LOL Sad Losers!

Sad day as Texans fail to kick Messicans OR transgender people!

Loudest Patriots In America Defend Idaho From Pro-Refugee Speeches At Boise Rally

Yr Dok Zoom's hometown of Boise, Idaho, hosted a demonstration on the steps of the state Capitol in support of refugees. Idaho has become home to about 19,000 refugees since the 1980s. Across the street from the 700 or...

Kim Davis’s Lawyer Tells Elected Official To Do Her Damn Job. For Real.

There are several things we know about the Kim Davis case. For one, the Kentucky clerk is an obvious victim of the homosexual conspiracies, who will roast in hell if she gets gay on her by signing marriage licenses, because her...

Arizona’s BYO Drugs Death Penalty Tailgate Party!!!

Nation Wonders What Arizona is Smoking as State Encourages Death Row Lawyers to Take Side Jobs as Drug Dealers

We Are In Dirty Hippie Love With This Oregon Health Exchange Ad

Butthurt Alert/Drudge Sirens! A number of rightwing sites are outraged, Outraged! at this "acid trip Obamacare ad" that "costs taxpayers $3.2 million" -- a figure that appears to include not only the production costs, but also the cost of...

Wonkagenda: September 28th, 2016

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